A World Behind My Wall (A Bill Kaulitz Love Story/ FanFic)

This is my Bill Kaulitz FanFic I wrote :) Comment please :)

Chapter 1

Automatic To Me

I was walking by a club- actually the exit. There was a band playing that I had never heard of. Tokyo Cocktail or something like that. My friends were inside. They had never heard of them either so they were gonna try listening to them. I told them to record it because I didn't like large crowds.
I was standing by the exit door when I heard someone say, "it's stuck!" I started pulling on the door trying to help them get it open. "Bill, stop!" A guy said. The door jolted and wracked me in the head and I fell on the ground on my back. "Are you okay?" A guy with dark brown eyes, black spiky hair and eyeliner asked. His voice sounded like he had an accent but I didn't know what kind, though. "No! She just got hit in the head with a door!" Another guy with the same dark brown eyes, dreadlocks and baggy clothes said. He had the same kind of accent. "Yeah. I'm fine. Just a little bump on the head." I breathed a laugh. "You need to go to the hospital." He said. "No. I'm fine. I'm Emily by the way." I replied. "Oh. Nice to meet you Emily. I'm Bill, this is Tom, Gustav and Georg." The guy, whose name was Bill, introduced. "Pleasure." I said rubbing my head slightly. "Come on. You're going to the hospital." Bill said helping me up.

We were sitting in the emergency room waiting for the doctor to come back. "That's making an awful black spot on you're head." Bill said. I got the mirror out of my purse and looked at my forehead. "Nah. It's fine." I said. "I'm so sorry for hitting you with the door." He said for the millionth time in the last 45 minutes. "It's okay. It was an accident. No harm intended. I'll be fine." I said for the fifth time in the last ten minutes. "What acent do you guys speak with?" I asked, changing the subject. "German. We're from Germany." Tom answered in his thick German voice. "Oh. I didn't know. I don't know many languages er, accents. Sorry. No offense. What's the name of you're band?" I asked. "Tokio Hotel." Bill answered. "Oh." I muttered. I was glad I didn't say Tokyo Cocktail outloud and make a fool out of myself. "I'm sorry but I've never heard of you guy's before. My friends were at the concert. I was standing outside because I didn't want to get in the large crowd but my friends recorded it for me to watch. I promise I'll watch it as soon as I get home." I said. "No need. You need to rest when you get home." Tom said. Then the doctor walked in.
"Do you have to put this around my head?" I asked as the doctor wrapped the gauze around and around my head. "Yes. It will hold pressure to it and keep it from swelling badly." He answered. "Now you look like Tom, Emily." Bill joked. I laughed. "When you get home, I suggest you stay awake for 3 to 6 hours. I would feel safer if you stayed awake for about 7 and a half." The doctor instructed. "Okay. Thanks." I said.

We got out in the parking lot. "Hey Tom, let's get a picture of you and Emily to see the resemblence." Bill said stopping. Tom looked at me as if to ask, "is it okay with you?" I nodded. "Sure. A picture isn't the worst thing." I said. Tom put his arm over my shoulders and we smiled as Bill took the picture with his phone. "Facebook!!" I said excited. They looked at me. "Facebook...? Duh? You know that social site they made where you talk to people?" I asked a little sarcastic. "We know what you're talking about." They said in unison. "Then why did you look at me like that then?" I asked. "No reason." Tom said. His deep voice melted my heart and made my knees feel weak but there was something about Bill that just drew me in. His eyes? His voice? His looks? Or was it everything? Whatever it was, I was drawn to him and Tom. Automatic, almost. I didn't want to stay away. Then my phone rung waking me from my thoughts. It was my friend Tucker. "Hang on just a sec, please." I said. "Hello?" I answered. "Em! Where are you!? We've looked everywhere! Are you okay?" He asked frantic. "Yeah. Long story short: I got wacked in the head with a door. I'll explain later." I said. "Okay. See you later." He said and we hung up. "Hey um, thanks for driving me over here but I'll catcha cab so you won't have to make a detour." I said putting my phone in my pocket. "Are you sure? We can drive you." Bill said. "Yeah. Thanks. Nice to meet you guys." I said. "Nice to meet you, too, Emily." They said together. "Bye." I said and held my hand up in a weak wave goodbye. What was the chances of a famous band wanting to hang with a plane Jane such as myself? They had way cooler friends. I started to walk away. "Hey, Emily. I was wondering, do you wanna hang out this weekend?" Bill asked. My heart jumped. "Yeah! That would be awesome!" I said. "Great! See you Friday at the mall?" He asked. "Sure! Is four-thirty okay?" I asked. "Yes! We'll see you then!" He said with a smile. "Okay." I smiled back and walked towards the street to stop a cab.

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