Darkness (Read Intro)

Darkness (Read Intro)

This is actually only one story. But i couldn't decide on the ending. So the beginning of each one is the same but the ending is different on each one. Tell me which one you liked the best.

Chapter 1

Story 1

I sat alone in the dark, with only the glow of the full moon for light, waiting out what I knew was coming for me. He had been hunting me down for months now. I didn't feel like running anymore. I knew he would catch me in the end. How could he not? He was much faster and more skilled than me. Blood stained my clothes from the other people that had got in his way to get to me. The cold wind blew my long hair around me as I waited. It wouldn't be long now and he would have my trail. The darkness around me was filled with anticipation for what it new was to come. It creeped around me making sure it had its hold on me. The darkness had began haunting me many months ago. It followed me around, always hiding in the shadows. Well, it was the shadows anyway. The crunch of leaves in the distance alerted me of his arrival. Any second now and he would be here. I stood up slowly and back up against the tree I had been leaning on. It was my only protection. There he stood. His dark figure hovered over me, his long shadow stretching across the ground, mixing in with the darkness he was so close to. A large hat shaded his face from view, but I knew who he was and why he was here. The thought made my stomach turn over. He smiled at me, showing a sign of victory on his hidden face. The only difference was the moonlight shone on his teeth, showing the two long points that were razor sharp. Yes, he was a vampire. He had come to drink my blood and suck me dry until I could breath no more. Of course I would rather die than exchange blood with him and become one of those blood sucking monsters. I had enough problems to deal with. He pounced as I mumbled a few carefully pick word under my breath. The vampire stopped halfway coming in contact with a solid clear wall. "Witch" he hissed. "You sound surprised" I said. He snarled as I whispered another spell, knocking him off his feet. "Witches were the most powerful," I said, "especially when you walk into their trap." He laid on the ground defenseless, held there by magic, as I used grabbed a stick off the ground. I ran the edge along his arm, burning his skin. Making him groan in pain. "Oh, that's right wood hurts you." I smiled. "Die Witch" he said. "I would say the same to you, but your already dead, I'm just making sure its permanent this time." I said as I forced the stick into his chest, killing him instantly. I walked away to home to catch up on my sleep, as the darkness that stayed with me fed upon his dead body.

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