Kiss But Don't Tell

Kiss But Don't Tell

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Chapter 44


Randi P.O.V

The shocking news of Hayden and I dating really shook up the school. I was pretty sure I could hear every person in the student body breathing as they stood shell shocked. Everyone has completely forgotten about the other horrible rumor about me and I just couldn't be happier.

I still don't know who would do that to me but all of that is in the past now that I finally have Hayden by my side.

After our little show, The first bell rang signaling up to get moving to first hour. Slowly, everyone dispersed from around us but not without whispering about that they just witnessed.

Hayden took hold of my hand and I smiled up at him, pink blush still on my face.

He leaned down and kissed my cheek once before starting to pull me towards the direction of the school. Only to be stopped by Kayan who stood in front of us, arms crossed firmly across her chest.

"You two have a lot of explaining to do." she said, trying to sound intimidating. Jared stood behind her, he sent us an apologetic shrug.

"We got together and Ringo is willing to give it a chance. there's nothing else to explain." Hayden said, squeezing my hand a little.

Kayan still stood with a stern look on her perfectly made up face before it broke into a ginormous grin as she shrieked at the top of her lungs.

"OH, MY GOD!!! YES!" she yelled, jumping up and down all around us, making Hayden and I laugh out loud to her excitement.

Jared chuckled along with us as he leaned forward to grab hold of Kayan's ecstatic self. " we better get going before we're late." He said.

"Good idea." I said, Completely forgetting that we only have 3 minutes to get to first hour. Hayden and I made our way to the front entrance with Kayan and Jared walking in front of us.

When we got into the almost empty hallway, we all had to go our separate ways.

"See you later Randi!" Kayan yelled, still looking high off of my love life. Rolling my eyes, I waved goodbye to my crazy best friend.

When she and Jared were out of sight, I turned towards Hayden who still stood by my side. My hand was still enveloped in his much bigger one as he stepped closer to close more of the distance between us.

"I guess I"ll see you in Math?" He mumbled, picking up a strand of my hair and twirling in around his finger.

"Yep." I said, my eyes glazing over as I looked up at him memorized by his incredibleness.... And to think I hated this kid for all of those years together.

A few months ago, If someone were to tell me I would be dating Hayden Mason, I would've punched them in the face as if it were an insult. Now, I don't think I could be happier to be here, together, with my so called enemy.

Hayden leaned down and gave me the most gentle kiss on the lips before reluctantly letting go of my hand.

"See you, Randi" He said, flashing me a heart skipping smile.

If a smile could kill, that would be the one. Not that I would mind dying right now.

I made my way to my first hour riding on cloud nine. And surprisingly, The bell still hasn't rung yet.


Dammnit! I spoke too soon.....

I made a mad dash toward my now closing classroom door. Just before my teacher could put the lock, I put my hand on the door handle. I could feel her penetrating gaze from the other side of the door on me but I was too caught up in catching my breath to notice.

"You're late." she said when she finally opened the door.

nooo, I'm early . I muttered under my breath before coughing.

"It won't happen again, I promise." I said, smiling up at my beloved teacher.

I thought she would be giving me a detention but, surprisingly she just walked away and told me to take my seat.


This day just keeps getting better!


Do you all recall me saying that this day was getting 'better'?

Well, I believe I have jinx myself times 20.

Right when I sat down in my assigned seat, four girls who sit all around me turn to glare ferociously.

"First she gets a STD, now this?" they whisper-yelled to one another as if I wasn't sitting in-between their conversation.

I was not going to let them ruin my good mood so I tried ignoring them for the remainder of the class period.

But as most of you already know, Btches never know when enough is enough.

"She is a fvking whore. Why would Hayden bother to date trash?"

That was all I needed to snap. Standing up abruptly, I almost knocked over my desk as I Stomped my way towards the leader of the group. A girl I have never spoken to in my entire life.

Her hair was pitch black and cascaded over her shoulder beautifully. Her almond shaped eyes widened as if she didn't expect me to react in this manner towards her snarky comments.

And before I could think twice about what I was going to do next, I punched her square in the face.

TBC(: Sorry it took so long! I had really bad writers block -.-'
The next chapter will be better, PROMISE!!! (:


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