Kiss But Don't Tell

Kiss But Don't Tell

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Chapter 3

Are you Ready? .....NOPE.

Randi P.O.V

"Are you ready for your tryouts?" Kayan asked me as we walked through the long, almost full hallways of school.

Her boyfriend, Jared was walking along next to us. Not really interested in what we were saying. he was too busy texting a friend.

"No. and i'll never be ready." i told her, searching for my locker in the herd of students that were blocking them.

"but your still doing it. theres no turning back now." her voice sounded full of smugness. i glared at her.

"i know. but dont push it. this is torture enough."

kayan rolled her dark green eyes at me. "oh come on. im the captain. if i can do it, and you know what a klutz i am. then so can you."

her encouragement did not faze me at all. she sighed, knowing that it didnt as well.

when i finally saw my locker, i waved good bye to kayan and jared since they had something better to do than go to my locker with me.

i yanked it open and piled all of my books in, including a jacket that i might wear in case it got cold.

"Hello, Hayden." i heard a annoying high pitched voice say. i turned my head slightly to see where it came from.

my eyes found hayden standing near the vending machine. there was a girl standing beside him wearing skin tight leather pants and a corset. Wow, I wonder how she can breathe with how tight that thing is... her grin was so big that i think it might hurt.

"hey" he said back not really looking at her while he selected at item from the machine and punched in the code. But this didnt seem to bother the girl at all since she continued to speak.

"so i was planning to go to your soccer game and cheer you on." the girl said, trying to impress him.

"cool" was his reply. I saw a glimpse of hurt flash across the girl's face before she covered it up.

i couldnt help but laugh out loud. i found it funny how much he didnt care if the girl went to the game or not.

suddenly the girl shot a death glare at me. which really shut me up. i bit my lip so that i wouldnt laugh.

the girl turned her attention back to Hayden. "see you next week." she said before walking away.

i turned back to my locker, shutting it. "you find that funny, Ronald?' i heard someone ask me.

i whipped around to be face to face with Hayden. i glared at him "yes. Hilary i do think it is funny."

Hayden made a face, obviously not pleased with the name i had called him.
"my name isnt Hilary."

"mine isnt Ronald." i shot back.

we glared at one another. his hazel eyes looked more green because of the color of his shirt. they looked gorgeous.

suddenly we heard the first bell ring. i looked away from him and turned on my heel.

"see you later Dick wad." i called back to him over my shoulder, walking towards my 1st period class. i saw him shake his head, his dirty blonde hair falling perfectly into place.

"Good to see you this morning, miss Taylor." my english teacher said just as i walked in.

"good to see you too." i said back to him, taking my seat near the window. i liked sitting next to the window. if i ever got bored, i could just look out and just loose myself.

i took out my text book and flipped it to the story of Romeo and Juliet. im not a very big fan of them but this is what my english teacher wants to speak of today.

"William Shakespeare's plays were full of Sonnets. using words such as Thou, art, thee. etc." now what i would like all of you to do is, write a Sonnet. it can be about anything. you have untill friday to finish." my english teacher sat back down at his desk.

i sighed. i hated sonnets. they were too hard to understand sometimes. i started trying out sentences.

Thou nose is so pretty .... does thou not loveth me ? thy Hazel eyes contrasts the sun with wonderful shades .... ...

wooaahhh there. did i just write that? i should stop writing about Hayden's eyeballs. not matter how pretty they were.


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