Kiss But Don't Tell

Kiss But Don't Tell

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Chapter 2

In the Present

Randi P.O.V

"Goood morning America!!" my alarm clock said, waking me from my beauty sleep at 6:00 am.

School was starting in less than an hour and I was completely dreading it.

I got up and stretched upward silently to loosen up my body. 'Maybe a few more minutes of sleep won't hurt...

Suddenly, I heard footsteps going down the hall in the direction of the bathroom my twin brother, Ringo, and I share.

Quickly, I ran out of my bedroom and straight into the bathroom within seconds before my brother and shut the door behind me.

"God damn you!!" he yelled, banging on the bathroom door. I couldn't help but grin at my repetitive victory.

We have been having this race ever since we were forced to share one bathroom. As you can clearly see, I win the battle every time.

Picking up my yellow towel and placing it on the hang, I checked my reflection in the oval shaped mirror above the sink. Yep, I have a serious case of bed hair..

"You know you love me!" I called out to my dearest brethren in a cheery voice.

In reply Ringo grunted in annoyance before I heard his retreading footsteps.

I brushed my teeth and washed my hair in a matter of 25 minutes. Pretty fast if you ask me.

When I opened the bathroom door, I saw my brother leaned up against the wall, expectantly waiting for me to get out.

"Took you long enough" he said in an annoyed tone.

I shot him a hundred watt smile;Feeling accomplished as a sister as I slid past him towards my room.

Back in my bedroom, I started putting on a pair of jean shorts and a pale blue camisole when i saw my iphone light up on top of my dresser.I went over and saw that i was a text from my best friend, Kayan.

Just as I read it,I groaned loudly.

hey Rans, dont forget about our bet (;

Why did she have to remind me?

Kayan and I like to dare one another to do crazy things for amusement. And because I didnt succeed in my recent dare, I have to do what ever she tells me. and what I have to do is......try out for cheer-leading.

I blow-dried my hair quickly, not bothering to text kayan back.

when it was almost bone dry, I combed out my newly straightened hair before slipping on a pair of white Vans.

"Hurry up!" Ringo yelled from down stairs.

I sighed. Time sure does fly in the morning. I picked up my bag and slung it over my shoulder as I skipped down the stairs towards him. he stood by the door, car keys in hand.

"Im ready" I said, smiling at him.

Ringo rolled his eyes. I was clearly bugging him with my cheerfulness. Good.

"I cant wait untill you get your own car." he muttered as we walked out the door towards his Nissan Altima.

Unfortunately,its true. I do not have a car...YET.

Ringo bought his by himself by betting 3 summer jobs. THREE. i cant do that. I have a life to live.

I got into Ringo's Nissan in the front seat and buckled my seat belt.

He didnt look at me as he backed out of our house towards Hayden's place. Ringo and Hayden have been inseparable since we were all 5.

I remember that he used to be so nice to me. now, he's just an a/sshole.

I used to have this silly crush on him and whenever Ringo brought it up, i tried to deny it.

i know that Hayden isnt worth my time anyway so its a good thing I don't like him anymore.

we pulled up in front of a 3 story house. his father being a doctor gave him a few perks.

Ringo honked the horn a couple of times before turning towards me.

"get out" he said suddenly

i just stared at Ringo in shock. Was he kicking me out of his car?!

"what?" I asked, narrowing my eyes ready to fight him.

"i said get out and sit in the back" he repeated.

i mumbled to myself. but got out of the car. Beats him kicking me out all together..

i was his sister. shouldnt he be treating me nicely?

i slammed the door of the back seat, making ringo flinch. He hated when his "baby" was abused.

Hayden appeared beside the car. His dirty blonde hair was blowing with the slight wind and his hazel eyes shone with so much color that it was hard to look away from them. he shot me a smirk before getting in the front seat.

"sup, dude" he said to my brother.

"hey Ronald." hayden said, using that stupid guy name he called me. looking at me through the mirror. This name calling may sound dumb but hey, We are speaking about Hayden here. It can't get any more complicated than this or else he might get lost.

"Jerk" i said and flipped him off.

he just rolled his eyes. A small smile playing on his pink lips.

As Ringo drove towards school, i stayed quiet the whole way, listening to their stupid conversation about girls and Soccer.

is that really all boys care about? girls and sports? God.

Ringo parked his Altima in his regular spot. just as he cut off the engine, i jumped out.

"Hey. my man Taylor" a group of ringo's friends said when they saw him.

i rolled my eyes as they got near.

"and how is little miss sexy doing?' one of them asked me. but Ringo glared at him.

i bit back a smile. ringo would always got mad at anyone of his friends who tried to flirt with me. Brothers. when will we ever understand them?


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