Goodbye Part 6

Chapter 1

Chap 6

Daniel was worried the following day. With no glances towards his red faced mother, it was a silent day. He usually pecked up with a "Hey" or, "Hello" in his usual, quiet voice. But it was all, "Shut up." Back to him, and mark of his mothers nails across his cheek.
He already had practice that day. His uniform was like any others, with his jersey saying, "COUGARS 21" on it.
He thought he had done well. But, his mother had sworn off any more trips for Daniel & Em. Now they had to take the bus.

Emily was flipping through messages in her phone. One from Jenna, one from Catarina, another from Daniel, and Murch.
Jenna's said, "Jenna! I heard about lousy bus trips to cheerleading class."
She replied with a simply, cold hearted, "It suxs."
The one from Catarina said, "I saw Samantha's design for our uniforms. Stoked bout wearing them.
"Yeah, me too."
Daniel's said, "Dude, tell mom to let me out. Football was ok, btw."
Emily giggled. "Dude, tell her yourself :P Good :x Unlike cheer D: We're so gonna loose!" She texted back, pressing her thumbs angrily on the keys. She finished it, then threw the phone onto her bed.
Then she dove into bed after, falling asleep right on her "Dare To Dream? Cheer Extreme!" pillow.
Her dream was weird.
It started off with Austin. He was laying down on a float in a big mansion pool.
"Hey babe, come in." He called after Emily. She quickly realized she was in a th0ng bikini, with the top only covered her n!pples. She hadn't realized she was in a dream, so her dream voice replied, "Coming." In this slow, exotic voice. She dived into the water, swam over to the float and rolled over.
Soon, it was a skinny dipping swim. Emily was all over Austin. Her tounge slid into his mouth, then out. It dripped down above his.....
Then she woke up. She gave herself this crazed look. That was fvcked up!
She began to think about Austin again. Wow, was he hot. And naked? Gosh, it was a win win.
Emily thought these weird dirty thoughts for a few for minutes.
She snapped in reality when her mothers head popped into the door.
"Dinner's ready, sweets. We're having macaroni."

Emily arrived at the dinner table late.
As she took a seat, her meal was already infront of her. She picked up the fork and began to eat.

"So." Emily began, scoffing down a forkful of mac. "Californian Cougars are preforming in SIX days. Can you believe it?"
"That's great, dear! You really have to practice." Her mother said.
"Yes, I know." She said inbetween bites. "But me and Jenna totally have this down. Brit and I we're talking about it yesterday. She told me, 'You'll win if you try'. I will win! I will try! Me and Jen practiced in the backyard, running over the basics.
It's a total shoo in."
"Well, I hope you win." She said.
"Me and the Cougars Football Team practiced hard today, mom." Daniel said, attempting to impress his mother.
"Daniel, that's not important. What's important is my baby girl who is practicing her little behind off!" She squeezed Emily's cheeks. She swapped them away with her hand, saying, "Stop it, mom!"
"Oh, Em. You're just so cute. You know, Coach Murch is so nice. He helps so much with the girls and the boys." She said.
"But Coach Krock helps alot, too. He taught me all the positions. Quarter back and things like that." Daniel said.
Do you think we care? His mother's look told him.
He hung his head in disappointed, finished his meal and went to sleep.


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