Goodbye Part 4

Chapter 1

Chap 4

Soon Jenna & Emily we're eating snacks and drinking ice cold water in break.
"Can you go get me another Fruit Snacks pack?" Jenna asked, handing Emily 50 cents.
"Sure, Jen." Emily said, heading outside of the practice zone to the vending machine. She pushed the cents into the tiny slot. She pressed C1. She watched as the Fruit Snacks pack pushed its way out of the little curly holder. Then it got stuck.
Emily banged the machine, harder and harder until Britney Love helped her.
Before Emily began to leave after saying thank you, Britney layed her hand on her shoulder, turned Emily around and said, "Now I want you to cheer until you're body hurts. Make it so the Lions don't see it coming. Maxium speed!" Britney said. "Okay." Emily said, feeling more confident before. "And, ah, at the end of this little match, I'm thinking a wide silver trophy with Californian Cougars plastered on it would be good." She pointed towards 2009's Trophy Of The Year. Amazing year!
"I bet you probably will get that," She said, turning her head towards the trophy's. It was in a display box. Inside the gym, at the very top, almost the celing, was a rack that went around the whole entire gym covered in trophy's.
"If you try." Britney said. "I will try." I smiled widely. She patted my shoulder.

Back in the gym, I threw Jenna her Fruit Snacks pack. She gave me all the cherry and grape ones, while she snacked on the orange and peaches.
I drank some more water, than got up and jogged a little.
"What are you doing?" Jen laughed.
If you try, Britney's speech rang in her ears. If I try....
"Nothing. I just really want to make sure Lions don't beat CC." I said.

Back home with Daniel was worse. He had been banging on the door for the past hour.
"Stop it!" His mother called numerous times.
Daniel didn't.
"Mom, can I have my IPod Nano back?" I whined.
"No." She replied simply.
"Who nottttt???" I asked.
"Because you're dreadful, fvcking young rockstar boys music is bad. I can download some Beatles, though." She replied.
"Beatles? Mom, I'm not historical. I'm a 2011 City Boy." He joked.
"Can't you be more like you're sister? A well behaved, athletic, good graded kid?" She asked.
"I am athletic..." He said.
"Maybe if you join a sport, you'd have more friends." She replied.

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