Justin Bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 5) read intro! :)

Justin Bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 5) read intro! :)

hey y'all! thanks for the comments! i really need some ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

june 18th.........continued

i was walking on the beach with justin. " thank you for being here." i said. i turned my head and looked at him. he was looking back at me contently. "no problem." he said and smiled. i can't believe i was about to do this. "so there is a party at 811 downtown tomorrow night. everyone whos 16 to 19 is invited. you just show ID when you get in. it's a club but every month the owners change the age limit and just dont allow alcohol. if you're younger than 16 you have to have connections to get in. you should come. i'm sure missy and christian will come and get in since we know the owners and obviously lucy and chaz will be going." i said. i hope he wasn't taking this the wrong way. "since our friends are gonna be there i figured why not get the whole gang together you know?" i added. justin looked at me and then the sand. "ya sure. it should be fun. hopefully i won't get mauled." he said. "i have to go." he said and walked away. i can't believe i just did that. i almost asked another guy out on my dead boyfriends death day! how stupid am i? i am such a bad girlfriend. besides, i was lucky to have had Peter as a boyfriend. he put up with me. no other guy would ever like me. i felt so horrible i started crying again. gosh. im about make another ocean at this rate. so it was almost dark so i had to go home. i went home showered put in my headphones and droned out the world as i lay in bed lifeless.

~ Next Night (at club) 9 p.m. ~
i walked into the club with Missy and Lucy by my sides. we looked so good. lucy was in a strapless blue dress. missy was in a one sholder lavender floral dress. and me? i was in a yellow dress with a stretchy black waist band and white with black designes bottom. i wore strappy black sandals, twisted black bracelets, and black flower earring. ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_lucy_missy_party/set?id=28282017) my hair was curled and hanging loose to just below my shoulder blades. just then Justin walked in with chaz and christian on his right and 2 other people i didnt know on his left. "hey guys. this is my good friend ryan." he said pointing the blonde haired guy to his left. "and my date Caitlin Beadles, christians sister." he said. my fist tensed around my cup of mountain dew when he said date. she looked good. ( caitlins outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/caitlin_party/set?id=28283328) i hate to admit it, but its true. she looks like a b^t*h though. wait. woah. where in the world did that come from? i am so not jealous! i never call people mean names unless i'm super angry or jealous. but why would i be jealous of her? i dont even like justin! right? i pushed the thought away so far that if i was new york the thought would be alaska. christian and missy and lucy and chaz went to go dance. "so, you must be Paige." she said to me. no 'justin talks about you' or 'you have beautiful hair'. "SNAP OUT OF IT PAIGE!" I screamed in my head. "yeah. the short blonde haired girl in the purple dress is missy. she's my sister. and the other girl is Lucy, my best friend." i said. "so do you have a boyfriend?" she asked me. i was about to speak when Mr. Calderez got on the stage. he was the owner and an old family friend. "so some of you may know, but yesterday was a sad day. yesterday was the one year mark for the loss of a dear friend. his name was Peter Kingston. he was 17 years old. he died in a car crash. we wanted to have a moment of silence in respect to our lost friend." he said. he stood there silent for exactly 60 seconds then left and the music started again. i tried hard not to cry. "um, no. i dont have a boyfriend, he died a year from yesterday." i said. everyone in our group was silent for a minute. justin just watched me. "hey, paige would you like to dance with me?" ryan asked. 'anything to get out of here' i thought, "i would love to." i said. he took my hand and led me to the dance floor.
~ Justins POV ~
ohmigosh. Piage looked so amazing tonight. she always looks amazing, but it took every ounce of me not to drop my jaw when i saw her. and then that thing about peter? i thought she was going to break down. how could ryan ask her to dance? he knew i liked her. "she seems really nice justin. i don't want to hurt her." caitlin said. "we aren't going to hurt her. trust me. i just want to know if she feels anything for me and for that you have to get close to her and talk to her. please caitlin!? i really need to know!" i said to her. "fine. if you want to make her jealous you better get out there and start dancing with me. then at the perfect moment you need to go interupt her dance with ryan. got it?" she said. i nodded. and i did everything i was told. i even got to slow dance with paige. "so are you okay? i mean the thing with peter was kinda unexpected." i said to her. "ya i'm fine. i need to move on. it's not like he's coming back." she said. "caitlin seems like a nice girl." she said. i just nodded. then the dance ended and i never got to talk to her again that night. i hope she feels something for me, because i definitely feel something for her.


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