Nighttime butterfly ( A Draco Malfoy love story ) (READ INTRO)

This is my Draco Malfoy love story. I hope you'll enjoy it and I do appreciate all comments!
Even though I won't write very often, because I have lots of exams, it will be an intriguing and surprising story:D The action starts in the 5th year at Hogwarts and the main character is a girl named Laura. You'll find out more as you read.

I also need you to know that I'm from Romania and (even though I'm pretty good at English) I apologise for the possible misspellings/typos/mistakes.

Chapter 1

Black family reunion

Narrator's POV

"Perfect. Just...perfect. Where will I go if I'm expelled from Hogwarts? What will I do?". He sat on his bed, not moving a muscle, staring off the window with thoughts almost bursting out his head. Downstairs, Petunia was whining and crying "Oh, my little Dudley-poo! My god, what did he do to you? Vernon? VERNON! In the car, this instant! We have to take our Dudley to the hospital..." Her voice melted in the sound of an engine and the car took off, tearing down a garbage container. Then, everything was silent. He took his quill and a piece of parchment and wrote :

Ron and Hermione,
You haven't wrote to me in a while. Ok, you did, but things like "everything is fine" and "we can't tell you more" are meaningless to me. Overall, I thought you might want to know that I was expelled from Hogwarts...

...he couldn't write a single more word. He released a gasp so lout that Hedwig fluttered its wings inside its cage and seemed offended. Then, he heard something from downstairs. A sound of broken glass, footsteps... it sounded like someone entered the house and didn't even bother to sneak around. He pulled out his wand and stepped in front of the door, waiting. The footsteps moved up the stairs and in front of he's door. With a slight click, the door unlocked and banged against the wall. He immediately recognised Kingsley Shacklebolt, standing near a pink haired girl.
" Hello, Harry. Nice to finally meet you", she said. "I'm Tonks. But enough with the introductions. Now, take your trunk and let's move!"
He quickly took all he had in his room, Hedwig's cage, and followed them downstairs. "Oh, young Potter!" Madeye said, not facing him. We have to take you out of here, you'll have a hearing tomorrow, won't you?"


Harry entered 12 Grimmauld Place hesitantly, took a few steps and looked around. From around the corner, Hermione and Ron ran up to him and pulled him in a huge hug. "Harry, we are SO sorry we couldn't tell you anything...Dumbledore made us swear that we won't..." , Hermione said, finally letting him out of the hug."Yea, we wanted to tell you...we have so much to catch up!", Ron said in one breath."Ok, guys. Nice of you to think of me but I was expelled from Hogwarts!", Harry shouted and pushed past them, leaving them staring at each other with worried eyes. He entered a room that seem to be a kitchen. A brunette girl that was sitting at the table rapidly stood up, looking as surprised as she could. He ignored her stare. "SIRIUS!" , Harry exclaimed as he went to hug Sirius Black, who was standing next to the girl that kept staring. "Harry, I would like you to meet Laura. She daughter. So that makes you two a sort of cousins, doesn't it?" Sirius said with a foolish smile on his face.


Laura's POV

"I missed you too, father. So much", I said, looking at him with hesitant eyes. "Us two will hopefuly grow very close now that your mother is..." He stopped and looked away. My mother was dead. Killed by dragons, the creatures she loved the most and cared for. When Sirius, I mean my father, found out that my mother was pregnant with him, he was scared to take the responsability. He was a rebel after all, wasn't he? So my mother went back to her home in Romania, raised me by herself and started to study dragons. I began studies myself, four years at the Nordica's Magical Studies Academy. Than, my mother...
A tear rolled down my face, without me realising that. Sirius, I mean my father (I really need to get used to calling him that way) looked at me compassionately "I miss Willhelmina too. And I realised years ago how awfuly stupid I was to let her go. Aspecially when she carried such a special child like you. I can't tell you how sorry I am." I looked at him and for some reason I believed him. I leaned towards him and hugged him. "You're the only family I've got left.", I said. "As a matter a fact, you do have a cousin... I don't have any brothers or sisters, but the son of James Potter... I am his godfather so that makes the two of you some kind of cousins. He'll be here any minute now. His name is Harry." he said, waiting for a response, but all I could do was to take it all in slowly and stare towards the door.
Seconds after that, the door opened and that who I tought was Harry Potter entered, looking around. I jumped off my chair and opened my mouth with surprise. Couldn't say anything, so I closed my mouth and kept staring. "SIRIUS!" he shouted and pulled him into a big hug, while I was still staring. "Harry, I would like you to meet Laura. She daughter. So that makes you two a sort of cousins, doesn't it?" , father told him.


Harry's POV

She was so beautiful. She had something about her that reminded me of the snow storms. Pale skin, long, pitch black hair and ice-blue eyes. She looked like Sirius when she finally smiled. That smile melted the snow for a while...but she still had and ice-cold stare. Suddenly, my mind started to form images with snowy mountains and windy forests. "'s nice to meet you, Harry. I'm Laura", she said smiling and came towards me with her hand out. I shook her hand and unwillingly felt the need to hug her and never let go. And so I did.

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