Annelise Siphun is starting at a new university, with new people- leaving her boyfriend of ten years behind. She struggles to fit in amongst this new world after growing up in a small town, and finds it's harder than ever. the cliques, the teachers, the work. Not to mention the two boys grabbing her attention: Spencer Clark, the most closed off guy she has ever met; as well as Tom Blake. Annelise has never been more hard done by, especially now that her dad is gone.
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Chapter 1


Never underestimate the power of change. When we were seven, we thought we would grow up together. When we were 10, we thought we would grow old together. And now that we are 18, here at our highschool graduation, we know that very well won't happen for the most of us. So we enjoy this day while we can, say goodbye for now, not forever. Forgive another's mistakes, and remember to never forget.
Those were the words that came out of student body president, Alex Foster. He also happened to be quarter back of the football team that won state championship, junior helper at the vet hospital, and my boyfried for about ten years.
But now I wasn't so sure how much longer that would last.
His words 'So let's enjoy this day,' ran through my mind. I have to enjoy my graduation, worry about my relationship in peral later.
Yes, you would think I'd be utterly happy- dating the most popular guy in school, having natrual blonde hair, smoky blue eyes, and the body to match. But for me, life was not cut out to be what I thought.
All these people I've known since junior kindergarten wanted to stay in this town. Ninety percent of them weren't going to college or university; most likely staying here in the small town of Chesterton, and the other nine percent were going to a very small one an hours drive away. I would not be part of that ninety nine percent. And me and Alex had been together for as long as I remember- there was just nothing to talk about or to do anymore. Alex was smart, attending Harvard Law school, continuing to learn about criminology, and having high hopes of participating in the B.A.U (Behaviour Analysis Unit). His favourite show was Criminal Minds- a show that I didn't mind. Alex and I would see eachother on rare occasions after tomorrow. I didn't know what to do.
I jumped, cheered, and threw my hat in the air as everyone else did, but all the actions were only half-hearted.
"Now if you will proceed to the gym for our Annual Chesterton High School Graduation Dance," Mr. Smith said into the microphone, and we all proceeded.
"Congratulations," I was greeted with a hug from my mother.
"Thanks, Mom," I replied, awkwardly patting her back and soon pulling away. "I'm going to go get ready for the dance, I'll meet you in the gym," I added exciting the library and moving towards the girls washroom.
It was crowded with girls fighting over a place in the mirror teasingly. I suppressed a sigh. I was dating the most popular and hottest guy in school- so you'd think I would be the most popular girl. Wrong. Everyone was jealous of me, hated me for no precise reason, or ignores me. I had no female friends.
I quickly fixed my makeup and took off my cap and gown. Underneath I was wearing my dress- and I got at least one glare from everyone in the room.
It was simple, elegant, and complicated all at once. There wasn't really a way to describe it- it was red with black ribbon around the ribcage. It came out in ruffle-like bunches and reached at about the knees.
I studied myself carefully in the mirror. You only graduate high school once, I wanted to do it perfectly. When straightened my blonde hair usually reached all the way down my back, but now was in waves that ended an inch above my elbow. My blue eyes were thinly lined in eyeliner and my mascara made my eyelashes look beautifully long. My cheeks were slightly flushed and my lips were painted a faint red. Annelise, you've never looked better, I thought to myself, exiting the washroom with eyes on my back.
I made my way into the gymnasium.

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