Justin Bieber? Dude. No. (girls only)( part 7)

Justin Bieber? Dude. No. (girls only)( part 7)

So some of y'all are wondering if I'm gonna keep writing my skylar in LA story, and I am but it won't be as often as this story. 10 comments!!
~Kat :D

Chapter 1

The game. The fight. The beginning. The end.

I was sitting on some bleachers with the gang at Ryans soccer game. He scored the winning goal! I was so proud. I fixed my shirt and went to talk to him. ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/paige_ryans_soccer_game/set?id=28291572)
I went over to him. "hey gorgeous" he said. "hey superstar! Nice goal" I said and smiled. I went to hug him and stopped short. "what no hug?" he asked. "your all sweaty." I stated. He got an evil grin on his face. "oh no you don't!" I said. He started towards me but I walked backwards quickly. He started chasing me. I didn't get far before he had his arms around my waist and his mouth on my cheek. I giggled, and kissed his lips. We'd shared our first kiss yesterday night. It was nice. But there were no fireworks. But sometimes you have to gain fireworks. "listen the team is going out for lunch. Want to come? Don't worry one of my friends, chance, is bringing his girlfriend. So you won't be the only girl " he said and smiled. "sure" I agreed and we were off to lunch.

it's been a month since i started dating ryan. and something.....isn't right. recently he's been forgetting dates or delaying dates. it's starting to annoy me, actually. i'm just......i dont know. i'm anxious or something. i dont know. all i know is i'm with ryan and i have been all day. but all we've done is walk on the beach and make out. we havent said anything beyond "hello" and "whats up?" but thats all. right now we are at his house and he is on top of me, making out with me. i really don't want to do this anymore. he's snaking his hand up my shirt. i broke the kiss. "ryan what are you doing?" i asked. "we've been going out for a while i think it's time we tame a big step. my parents are gone and won't be home until late. come on, paige." he said and his hand was on my br@. i sat straight up and got off the couch. "i'm sorry ryan but i can't" i said and i started to leave. "paige, come on. its not that big a deal." he said. "your wrong. it's a big deal. for me." i said. "[aige if you walk out that door, we are over and i wont take you back." he said. i stopped at the door and turned. "is that supposed to be a threat? because to me, it seems like its a wonderful proposal." i said and left. i started crying as i walked home. i have 6 blocks to my house. i got back pretty soon. i walked in with tears streaming down my face. i ran past christian, missy, and justin sitting in the family room. i ran past them crying and got to my room and locked the door. i sat down and cried and then heard a knock on the door. i opened it and there was Justin. "paige! what happened? are you okay!?" he asked. i pulled him in and locked the door. i told him everything. he was furious. he stood up opened the door and walked quickly downstairs. "i am gonna pummle his face in!" he said. "justin! no come back!" i sohuted after him. missy and christian ran after justin and i. Ryan was at the park like he was every afternoon at 3. justin went up to him. "ryan!" he shouted. ryan turned around and justin punched him square in the jaw. justin and ryan kept punching and kicking each other. i kept yelling or them to stop and soon christian got in between them and broke them up. "how could you do that? to your girlfriend!? i dont even know who you are anymore." he said and walked away. i just followed justin. we went to the lake at the park and sat. "let me see your eye." i said and i moved his face towards me. for a moment i wanted to kiss him. wait. WHAT!? kiss justin?? EW! but maybe it would be nice....NO NO NO! that thought is banned from my brain. i brought him back to my house and got him an ice pack. his eye was slightly bruised by the nose, but he would survive. "you didnt have to do that you know. you could have just let it go." i said. he turned to me. "don't ever think that it wasn't a big deal. it was a big deal! besides. i always stand up for people in need. especially when that person is you." he said. i stood dumbstruck as he leaned towards me...........



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