Critical  (A new love story, READ INTRO!!)

Critical (A new love story, READ INTRO!!)

Hey Guys!!
So yes, it's a new story, One I'm hoping to finish!
I think I will tho, Because the plot is to good to resist! (Jk, lol. or Am i?)
And I Loathe You, it's kinda hard, but I will find time to post the rest of it eventually!
But This will be the last book for it.
So here it is, just be aware
Nicole Anderson=Me
Chelsea Staub=Nicole
This summer, things are about to get Critical.
p.s. sorry if this chapters boring!!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

I tried to fight the nerves in my stomach, as I sat beside my best friend, Nicole.
She had blonde hair, that she cut into short bob for the L.A. summer ahead of us.
She always seemed so much more confident then I did, even at nineteen years old.
What was going on was I had auditioned for a movie that Kevin Jonas was directing.
I laughed, for when I told him my name, he choked on his starbucks coffee.
The truth is, I'm a childhood friend of thiers, and we sort of got separated when my parents moved me to Ohio when I was ten, and Nick was just starting his career.
He was a year older, and was always so much more successful.
But don't think I that I gave up on them, no, I followed them.
Their twitter, facebook, I went to every concert, still, I never got to see them in person, or hang with Nick like I did when I was younger.
But Kevin recognized me, the look on his face said so!
He realized I was the brown haired girl in the family photo that was takin right before I left.
"Lauren Esteph."
Nicole smiled, and elbowed me.
"Break a leg."
Returning the smile, I walked into the directors office.
I was greeted by Kevin's warm familiar smile, and hug.
All three of them were like brothers to me.
"Is this plan still a go?" he asked.
I nodded.
"Cool. Their gonna be so excited! I'm glad I found you." he admitted.
I didn't audition for this movie just to get the part, I wanted to see Kevin, and his brothers.
I wanted to see Nick, how I missed everything about him!
But in twenty minutes, I'd be back with him.
Or at least, friends with him, like before.
Kevin drove Nicole, and I to the L.A. beach, which was his backyard.
I walked barefoot in the sand, as he led us to Joe and Nick, who had their backs to us.
My heart thudded as I realized how close I really was to Nick, it had been nine years, and here I finally was, two feet from my best guy friend.
"Nick, Joe, I'd like you to meet Lauren, and Nicole. Their gonna be in my new movie."
Nick spun around, and my heart raced.
He looked almost as he did years ago, just a lot taller, stronger, cuter.
I blushed when he smiled at me, and Nicole noticed that.
"Hi, I'm sorry, she gets a little shy at times." she said shaking Nick's hand, then Joe's.
I saw the way Joe looked at her, he was smitten already.
Joe looked at me, and his expression turned serious.
"Your that girl! The girl in the picture on our fire place mantel!" he exclaimed.
Nick looked at me closely, as if trying to remember.
I smiled at him weakly.
"You don't remember? the girl who you played Tramp, I played lady, and since we didn't have spaghetti, we used gummy worms?" I asked.
His eyes lit up, as if realizing the moment for the first time.
"Lauren!" he wailed, hugging me.
I blushed from his hug.
I blushed from everything about him, Nicole made sure of it.
He pulled away, and looked at me with those chocolate brown eyes of his.
"How old were we then? Seven?"
"Four and five." I corrected.
He chuckled.
"Sometimes, huh?"
I nodded, feeling instantly shy again.
Noticing that, Joe spoke up.
"So, your staying at our guest house? Well, if you need anything, Please, let us know!"
Nicole flashed him a smile, and he got that dreamy look on his face again.
"Will do!" she promised.
Kevin looked at the time, and clapped his hands.
"The time change from Ohio to California is drastic guys, I think we should let our guest rest a bit."
Kevin was right, I was exhausted.
I took one more glance at Nick's eyes, and smiled.
"I'll see you tomorrow."
He nodded, and waved.
"I will be here."
Walking away, Nicole lowered her voice.
"He likes you." she tried to sound assuring.
I shooked my head.
"Nicole, he didn't even remember me till Joe said something, and I brought a part of our past up.
If he liked me, he would remember like I do!" I admitted sadly.
She didn't say anything for the rest of the walk.
I sighed.
This summer, was gonna be critical.

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