Poems From The Mind of Me

Poems From The Mind of Me

I was in another mood. So here you go.

Chapter 1


I feel so alone.
It feels like yesterday,
The day you left.
Sometimes, I think I hear you.
Calling me, asking for me.
But I know that's not happening.
I miss you so much,
It's like an open wound.
You were the light.
Now, without you, there is no light.
I sit in darkness, waiting.
Waiting for the day when there will be light again.
But I know that day will not come.
For you have left me, moved on to the next life.
I wait, alone, for the day when I will see.
When the pain will leave,
And I will not be numb.
The world is black, just sounds.
Happy sounds, sounds that don't feel right to my ears.
Everything should have stopped when you left.
Yet the world goes on, and I stand still.
The world holds nothing for me in this life.
Sitting in the dark, I feel nothing.
How I miss you.
How I long for the days when I will not sit in the dark.
How I long for the days when I will not be alone.
When I will see you again,
And regain my sight.
When I will not be afraid.
Afraid to except that you have left.
And you will not return.
I am afraid to be alone.
It will not just be sounds,
It will be colors, and shapes,
Not blobs of nothing.
I will not be alone, no, and I will be happy.
Things will sound right to me,
And I will not be in pain.
Numbness with leave me,
And I will rejoice.
You will be here,
And I will be alone no more.

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