I missed it, I know...

I missed it, I know...

this is a real story...one of the things I really regret....i had 2 write it cuz then i might forget about it...i changed all names but the story is the same...so...if u're reading it...enjoy?

Chapter 3


21 pm
"Hey, Joy, do you like Ian?" Cristy asked for the 5th time and Joy rolled her eyes "N-o. But I like him as a friend. Why is everybody asking me that?!" Joy said taking a bottle of cola and heading to the cash register. "Um...no reason... Let's go, they're waiting for us." Cristy changed the subject and they walked out of the store and headed to the usuall hang out place. Most of the guys were already there so they sat on one of the benches and started talking and gigling.
At one moment, couple of guys came up to them and one of them speaked to Joy "Hey, you're Joy, right?" she just noded confused "So, do you like Ian?" Joy sneered thinking how that was probably the 20th time somebody asked her that question "I like him as a friend. He's cool. Why?" He didn't answer he just looked at something over his shoulder and they walked away. Cristy and rest of Joy friends soon started talking about something else and they all forgot about that.
After a couple of minutes, some of the guys wanted to go to the supermarket and Joy stayed with couple of them, so they went to sit on the building stares where more of them was sitting. Joy recieved a message from her friend back home so she started texting with her.
"Who are you texting with?" she looked up and saw Ian smiling. "Just a friend....so, what's up?"
"Nothing, just hanging around..."
"Hey, Joy, did you know Jason is going to be your brother in law?" she chuckled "No, what for? By the way - who's Jason?" Ian and the guy next to him laughed
"I am" said the other guy "I'm Ian's brother..."
"You two are brothers?!" Joy looked at them surprised and they laughed at her reaction. Except from the blond hair they weren't much lookalike. They were both about the same hight, little musculate and they had the same accents. Ian had blue and gray eyes and Jason had brown ones. She studied them for a minute without really realizing it and snapped back from her thoughts when Ian spoke.
"Yeah, most of people don't believe us when we say that, and they often think Jason is older even though he's 13 now."
They pushed eachother playfully and started talking about something so Cristy and Joy chuckled at them "So - why is Jason my brother in law?" Joy asked Cristy with a smirk "Oh, he and Sonia have something going on...but seems like Ian is coming to your famiy sooner" she said smiling and watching for Joy's reaction. "Yeah, right" Joy said rolling her eyes.
It wasn't long till everybody was refering to Jason as 'Joy's brother in law' and Ian as Sonia's. Ian laughed as much as everybody but kept looking at Joy to see her reaction. She thought it was funny, she didn't really think about it to see what they really ment by that, or she didn't want to.
Either way, she forgot all about it as the night passed.

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