I missed it, I know...

I missed it, I know...

this is a real story...one of the things I really regret....i had 2 write it cuz then i might forget about it...i changed all names but the story is the same...so...if u're reading it...enjoy?

Chapter 2


Joy waited for Sonia and Myra so they can go to Mike's building. They called it that way, but that was actually a little park infront of a building where a guy named Mike lived.
"Hey, Joy, I think Ian likes you!" Myra said smiling. Joy looked at her confused "Who?" "That guy that lives near Ivone...you know the one that was begging you to stay longer last night." "He doesn't like me" Joy said, she was sure about it. Sonia smiled "He does, he asked me for your number last night." Joy got nervous "Did you give it to him?" she didn't really know the guy. "No, I didn't have it in my phone..." "Okay, don't give it to him." Joy said and changed the subject.
After couple of minutes, Sonia and Joy headed to Mike's but Myra stayed home. Cristy and two other girls met with them there. They were going to the beach again but Joy couldn't go with them because she was there whole morning.
About an hour after, two guys came out from the building. Joy saw one of them was Ian but she didn't know the other one. They walked closer but she kept talking to her friend not looking their way, but she could hear them talking to Cristy.
Joy turned on the mention of her name. "Do you know that girl, Joy? Sonia's cousin?" Ian asked Cristy. She looked at Joy and Joy just smiled"Yeah, she's right over there." she said pointing to Joy.
Joy looked at Ian to see his reaction - he blushed and smiled "Oh...I...didn't see you there..." he said coming closer to her. He was waring only his swim shorts and had a beach towel around his neck. Joy exchanged looks with Cristy and Sonia as Ian stopped infront of her smiling. "So...you're going to the beach today?" he asked rubbing the back of his head "Um...no...but Sonia and Cristy are going...." Joy said blushing cause he was now getting closer to her trying to make her notice his six pack. "Um, Ian...we need to go, they're waiting for us on the beach." other guy said looking at Joy and Ian with a smirk. Ian looked at him "Okay. See ya guys!" they waved and left for the beach.

21 pm
Joy met Myra infront of a supermarket near Mark's and they headed to Mark's. "Oh, look! It's Ian and Jason!" Myra said and pecked their cheeks. "Um, hey" Ian said to Joy and they started walking, Myra and Jason speeded up so they can leave Joy and Ian alone.
"So...how old are you?" Ian said looking at Joy "Fourteen..." he widened his eyes "Really? Wow, I would say you're sixteen or seventeen..." Joy gigled, everybody thought she was older than she really was. "Yeah, I'm pretty tall..." he smiled "Not just that...You look older too..." "So, how old are you?" "I'm sixteen..." he said. They arrived and Joy went to say hey to her friends, but Ian soon followed her.
"So..how long will you stay here?" Ian asked rubbing the back of his head "About ten days...you?" "Till the end of August. So..." "Hey, guys, wanna play 'The password'?" Peter asked.
The password is a game that Joy would play with them every time she came since they were little. It was basically just chacing eachother, ussually boys chacing girls ;).
"Sure, can I be one of the captains?" Ian asked and they all gathered around one of the benches. "Um...I pick this girl here..." he said pointing to Joy, and she hesitatenly stood next to him.
After about five minutes, the game started and they split up running in diferent directions. Joy was caught by one of the guys, and went to sit next to rest of those who were caught. She talked to Rob, who she knew from the last time she was here, and one of his friends. They were joking and playing around. Ian came there too, even though he didn't get caught. He and Joy talked a bit but she hd to go home soon.
"Bye, Joy, see ya tomorrow!" Ian said looking at her as she walked away.

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