I missed it, I know...

I missed it, I know...

this is a real story...one of the things I really regret....i had 2 write it cuz then i might forget about it...i changed all names but the story is the same...so...if u're reading it...enjoy?

Chapter 1

I was just a kid

Every summer, Joy went with her parents to her father's family that was in another country. Only thing she liked about it was that she got to see her old friends that lived there.This was just another summer, she was gonna be there for two weeks and then she'll go back home to her friends there. Not a big deal, really.
It was about 2 pm when the phone rang. Joy's grandmother walked in "Joy, it's for you. It's Sonia." she said giving Joy the phone. Sonia was Joy's cousin, only one year younger than her, they played together ever since they were babies.
- Hey, Sonia!
- Hey, Joy, when did you get here?
- This morning. Wanna come over?
- That's why I called you. We're going to the beach at 3:30, wanna go?
- Um...I'm tired, I'll go tomorrow...Are you going out tonight?
- Yeah, we're gonna go when we come back from the beach...About 9?
- Cool...Mike's building?
- Yeah, come get me so we can go together.
- Okay, see ya Sonia.
- See ya, Joy!
Joy smiled as she hang up. She haven't seen her friends for a long time, and she really missed them.

"JOY!!!" Myra hugged Joy kissing her cheek, and letting her go after a minute. "Wow, you changed a lot since the last time since I saw you!" Myra said looking at Joy making her blush "Yeah, so did you! I heard boys can't get off of you!" Joy said teasing Myra "Yeah, right" she answered rolling her eyes "Let's go pick up Sonia and meet rest of the guys..."
When they came to the usual meeting place, Joy was buried deep below the hugs and screams. She was so happy to see them all again and new she will have a lot of fun with them. She looked around and saw a couple of cute boys talking close to them. They were most likely from Sonia's and Myra's school but she had seen only two of them before, Sam and Peter. They were brothers but they were different in every way. Joy had a little crush on Sam, but he had probably forgot about her till now - it had been a year or more since they met.
"Hey, Joy, when did you came here?" Ivone brought her back from thinking about Sam.
Ivone was from the same country as Joy, but from another city and they have known each other for years. "This morning...you?" "About a week a go. It's been crazy here! We've been here every night, you wouldn't believe all the things we did! One guy made graffiti with his phone on the building wall!"
"Huh?!" Joy said raising her eyebrow, she thought she didn't hear her well. Ivone started laughing "Yeah, he's crazy! Oh, here he is! Ian! Come here for a sec!" A blond tall guy came to them but didn't pay much attention on what Ivone was saying. "Hey, Ian, show Joy what you did with your phone!" He looked at Joy pulling out his phone "You're Joy?" he asked her and wrote 'IAN' on the whole, using the paint on his mobile for it - weird, i know.
Joy laughed and said "Poor phone!" but didn't look at Ian. He looked at her and smiled "I'm Ian, they call me E." and held out his hand. Joy took it and giggled "E?" "Yeah, but you can call me what ever you want." he said smiling.
"Ian!" somebody called him and he turned to them. Joy looked again at Sam and smiled as he saw her. She forgot all about Ian.

Joy's phone rang and she saw it was her mother's number. "Yeah, mum?"
After a minute or two Joy came to Sonia and the rest of the girls."Hey guys, I gotta go now, I'll see ya tomorrow,ok?" they weren't happy about it but neither was Joy.
"You're leaving?" Ian came out of nowhere. "Yeah..." she nodded. "Why can't you stay just a bit longer? Please?" Joy smiled "Sorry, I can't..." he kept begging her to stay but she couldn't. "But, will you come tomorrow?" "Yeah, sure. Um, see ya." she muttered and headed home.
All the way there she was thinking about Sam, and how he smiled at her. Then she remembered Ian and thought how would it be nice to have a friend like him.

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