Tough Love (Hogwarts Story) Part 9

Tough Love (Hogwarts Story) Part 9

hey guys this is the ninth part...I wrote it in hurry, so it might not be so good....anyhow, pls tell me in the comments wat u think about it and if u have any suggestions...:D and tnx 4 reading it:)

Chapter 1

Why do you defend him?

I knocked once and opened the door "Hey, guys...Um, Ron, what are you doing?" He was standing on Dean's bed and pinning needles on one of Dean's posters. "He's trying to make him move. He's doing this for the past half an hour." I didn't even notice Harry - he was lying on his bed but he sat up as I sat next to him.
Ron sighed "How can they stay still all the time!! I don't get this Muggle stuff..." "Yeah, Hermione has one too. She says all of their pictures are like that." I said remembering the face of a hot pale guy above her bed. Harry sneered "I would love too see you two in the Muggle world for a day". "No, thank you!" Ron exclaimed coming of the bed.
"Hey guys, have you seen the message board?" I asked knowing they wouldn't like the news. "No, why?" they looked at me."Um...we're having flying lessons with Slytherins?" I said carefully. "What?!" they said in unison and I grabbed a pillow to use it as a shield if they start throwing stuff.
"Great! One more class with Malfoy!" Harry yelled. "Why don't you like him? I don't get it..." I said and they looked at me like I was insane. "He's a...I don't know if there's even a word for it!" Ron turned red "I don't get how can u defend him every time!" I don't defend him that much..."Well, he's not that bad!"
Harry sneered "He's not? He acts like he's better than everybody else and rub his wealthy in everybody's faces! You know what he told me before the sorting ceremony!" "Yeah,but...I don't know...I just don't think he's that bad..." Ron sneered"Yeah, right."
The door opened and Hermione walked in "What do you want?!" Ron said with bitter. He didn't like Hermione that much..."Don't worry. I came to ask Joan if she would like to go with me to the library, I need to return a book. Joan?" she turned away from Ron and raised her eyebrow at me. "Sure, let's go. See ya later guys!" I waved as I followed Hermione out of the room "See ya, Joan!" Harry and Ron said in unison.
"Wow, Hermione, this is amazing!" she gave me a smile "I knew you'd like it, Joan. Pick one, I'll go sit there." she pointed at one of the tables in the center of the library and left me infront of a huge bookcase.
This place is awesome! It had so much books it was impossible to count. I started walking between rows of book shells and lost my breath - you can find everything here! Though there's a part of it which students are restricted from - I wonder what they keep there...
"Hey, Joan." I turned and met Draco's shining gray eyes. "Hey, Draco...what are you doing here?" he blushed and looked away. I saw a book in his hands "Is that...a quidditch manual?" I said looking at the title: Quidditch Trough the Ages. "Shh!" He said putting his hand over my mouth and pulling me behind one of the book shells in the back. He took off his hand when he saw there wasn't anybody here.
"Um, yeah it's just...I don't want to fall from a broom and look like an idiot infront of everybody." he said looking at me. But...wasn't he telling everybody how good he is on a broom? I could see it was hard for him to say something like this. "Don't worry, Draco, you wont fall. That's just jitters talking." he smiled "Thanks, Joan.... Um, I heard we have the flying class together, is that right?" "Yeah. You know, most of my house isn't really happy about it." I said thinking about how Harry and Ron acted when I told them about it.
"And you?" I looked up at him to see a playful grin there "What about me?" "Are you happy that we have the class together?" I sneered.
"Hm, I don't know.... Can I count on you to catch me if I fall from my broom?" he smiled wildly "Ofcourse." "Then I am" I said. We looked at each other for a minute, not saying anything just smiling.
"So, have you ever ride one?" I blushed "No...I guess I should take one of those manuals too..."
" ...Joan! Where are you? " we heard Hermione looking for me around the library.
Draco turned back to me "Um...I you how to fly...If you want to..." he said waiting for me to answer. I gave him a smile "Yeah, I'd like that..."
"Joan, here you are! Oh, Malfoy..." Hermione found us. They glared at each other without saying anything so I fake-coughed "Um, I should go...See ya, Draco." I said with a smile and pulled Hermione's arm quickly.
"What were you doing with Malfoy, Joan?" she whispered to me while we walked out of the library " was.. um...nothing.." I said blushing a little. Why am I acting like this?? I'm blushing almost every second!
"Joan!" I turned and stopped when I saw Draco running towards us. He put something in my hand and kissed my cheek quickly. "See ya around, Joan." he said with a smile and ran back to the library.
I couldn't move from shock I just stared to where he was just a second before. "What was that?!" Hermione said so loud that couple of third-year girls started pointing to us. I looked at her smiling and couldn't help but to smile too. Then I remembered he put something in my hand and I looked down.
A smile came across my face as I saw The Qudditch Trough the Ages there. "Why would he give you that?" Hermione said looking at the book "You'll tell me in the common room, let's go!" She pulled me so I had to ran to keep up with her.

We landed on the couch infront of the fireplace giggling."So...What happened? Tell me, Joan!" I knew she wouldn't stop till I tell her. I also knew her reaction was going to be loud. This is why I have only one girl friend.
I told her about our conversation, trying to ignore her screams and squeals. After about a half an hour she yawned "Oh, I'm gonna go to bed now. Coming?" "I'm not sleepy, I'll stay here couple of more minutes...Good night, Hermione." she hugged me and walked up our room.
I sighed smiling. I couldn't stop thinking about Draco. Did I fall for him? I know I shouldn't have, but... I couldn't stop my self thinking about the peck on the cheek he gave me...

"Hey, Joan, what'ya up to?" Fred and George sat next to me. I looked up at them and smiled "Nothing really, I just can't sleep...You guys?" "We can't sleep either... We were thinking about going to the kitchen for a snack..." "Kitchen? I didn't even thought we had one..." I don't think I heard anybody else talking about it either...
Fred and George exchanged looks and two evil smiles appeared "Guys...what are you thinking?" I got chills from their look. Last time I saw it, Percy's notes turned green and started hopping around the Common Room. "'s past midnight!" George smirked "Let's go for a walk." he said grabbing my hand and I followed them out of the Common Room.


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