Runaway Reporters

This is a play, not a story, but, hey, I hope you like it. Comment & rate, please? (I'll post each person's individual script, too, but later)

Chapter 1

The Full Script

Logan: Riley, we got us one nice story comin’ up.
Riley: Okay, then. Who/what’s it on?
Logan: You’ll never believe it...pause for affect Ashley Tink!
Riley: Seriously? How are we going to get the dirt on her?
Logan: Easy. We have a private interview with her tomorrow afternoon. But after that, there’ll be no more Logan and Riley Craner. We’ll have to change our names, our style—we’ll even have to run our magazine under cover.
Riley: Can we do that?
Logan: Yes. And we have to. We’ll make millions. Think of the headlines: Life Magazine ‘Tinkerbelle—The Menacing Truth’
Riley: But, I mean, why would we need to do that? What kind of stuff will we be posting, Logan? It’s not all going to be ponies and rainbows, is it?
Logan: No, it’s not, Riley. It’s gonna be the dirt—the real stuff.

Dramatically turn off lights. Logan and Riley (Craner) leave the set, while Ashley (Tink) approaches stage

Ashley: Bridget! Where are you? We need to leave now if we want to beat the paparazzi!
Bridget: running on I’m here! Let’s go.
Ashley: Good, you’re ready.
Bridget: Um, Ash? Where are we going, exactly?
Ashley: All I know is that we need to be there before the paparazzi. The limo driver can handle the rest.
Bridget: You got it. Let’s go.

Leave and turn the lights off again. (Logan=Abigail (fan) Riley=Lauren(fan) Bridget=April(ex-fan))

Abigail, Lauren, and April come in.
Abigail: OMG! I can’t believe we’re actually going to get to meet Ashley Tink in person! That is sooo cool!
April: Sure it is. But that liar doesn’t know what hit her. She is so last year. Joanna Foy is a real actress. I’m just here because I have to be. flips hair
Lauren: Fine, be all gloomy if you want to be. But we are he to enjoy Ashley.
Abigail: Wait. Why are you here? Mom said you could stay home…
April: …and do the dishes. I’m not doing that.
Lauren: points frantically when Ashley enters Oh, she’s here! She’s here!
Ashley: I know I am. in a smug voice and walked out
Abigail: Wow, that was amazing!
Lauren: I know, right?
April: That was it? Terrible! flails arms in the air
Abigail: rolls eyes Let’s go home.

The 3 of them leave, and Logan and Riley come out with notebooks and pens in hand.

Logan: Ready for the time of our lives?
Riley: Bring it on.
Ashley and Bridget walk in and sit down. Logan and Riley sit down across from them and shake Ashley’s hand
Ashley: Let’s get this over with.
Logan: Let’s get started.
Riley: So, what do you think about your new movie, “Full of Hate”?
Ashley: Well, really, Logan, I hated it. It got terrible reviews, and they made me have a big pimple on my nose during half the movie!
Logan: gasps fakely but continues writing in her notebook
Ashley: They dyed my hair in graphics, and they told me it would be pure brown like in real life. They lied.
Logan: And, how do feel about People Magazine’s new approach on you: The Liar’s Life: The Whole Truth?
Ashley: Well, I think I like that more, because they used a real picture of me on the cover. smiles terribly and huge-like
Riley: writes in notebook and glances at Logan
Logan: We’re done here.
The two of them leave abruptly.
Ashley: Let’s go, darling.
Bridget: They didn’t ask me anything! I hate reporters. keeps complaining while walking out & turns off light

Logan and Riley are back in when lights turn on, working on the magazine
Riley: How are we going to make a whole story about her with only the information we have?
Logan: It’s easy.

The Next Day: Ashley and Bridget are walking on street and see the new magazine, with Ashley on the cover. They stop to buy it. On the way back to Ashley’s house, she reads it.

Ashley: Ashley’s Biggest Scandal. Likes Critics more than Cuddlers? Read on Pg. 17 to find out.
Bridget: That doesn’t make much sense.
Ashley: Shhh! flips to page 17 in Life Magazine Ashley ‘Tinkerbelle’ Tink claims to like People Magazine’s new approach on her hatefulness more than her new movie, “Full of Hate”. “Well, I really hated it,” claimed Tink. “It got terrible reviews, and they put a big pimple on my nose during half the movie!” I did not say that! slams magazine on the ground, and they kept walking to Ashley’s house
Bridget: Yes, you did. Um, Ashley, everyone around has that magazine.
Ashley: Uh-oh. faints
Bridget: gets on the ground next to her I need to call for help

Lights off, and Logan and Riley come back on, packing, when lights turn on

Riley: Logan, where are we going to leave to?
Logan: Only one place that’ll welcome us in a time like this; Nashville, Tennessee.

Ashley: We have to find those reporters! Logan and Riley Craner.
Bridget: Yep. The said that they live down the street. 5555 Main Street.
Ashley: Let’s go.
They get there, and an old lady opens the door.
Ashley: We’re looking for Logan and Riley Craner?
Old Lady: Who?
Bridget: shouts Logan and Riley Craner!
Ashley: This is the wrong house.

Lights out

Riley and Logan are on the plane

Riley: Whoa. There’s a reason that I don’t like planes!
Logan: Would you rather be chased by Ashley Tink for forever?
Riley: No.
Logan: Then you can endure it.
Riley: Whatever. reads a magazine

Ashley: Oh, where could they be? We’ve checked everywhere!
Bridget: Except…
Ashley: Where?
Bridget: The garbage.
Ashley: cold stare And we aren’t going to check there, either.
Bridget: OK.
After Logan and Riley landed

Logan: Let’s get settled. We’re gonna be here for a while. Say hello to Lainey and Alissa Smith.
Riley: I call Alissa!
Logan: Good. I wanted Lainey, anyway.

Ashley & Bridget

Bridget: Where are they?
Ashley: We’ve been through this already. We don’t know where they are!

Logan: They’re never gonna find us.
Ashley: We’re never gonna find them.
(At the same time, in between a curtain/fabric)


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