The Sevenne Deadly Twins

Twins Hesper and Kieran Sevenne are fourteen and dangerous. In spite of being raised by Abner and Bethany Sevenne, two of the most respected carries of light, their blood carried the gene of the curse.
Hesper Miniya Sevenne is older than her brother by 6 minutes, and therefore has the more dominant abilities. Pride, anger, lust, and sloth.
Kieran Jasper Sevenne has pitch black hair and dark brown eyes that resembled nothing of his parents'.. His abilities are: Envy, gluttony,&Greed...

Chapter 1


I like my name. It's the name the trees whisper when the wind threads through their branches. It's the name my own heart lives off of, chewing hungrily when my mother calls me by it.
And my abilities? Wow, you've clearly never seen me in action. I can send a grown man down in four seconds flat, snapp a bone in less, and kick butt whenever I need. I have dark red hair and black eyes. My brother has the exact opposite. Kieran's dark red eyes are often mistaken for black, his pupils are so big. But we know. Mum and dad know. He knows.
I think about myself as I slide off the tree branch I'd been sitting on, ignoring hungry animals crying. They can get their own food. I have business.
My arms healed automatically when my feet hit the earth. They'd been torn up while I was in the tree, not from climbing it. From being away from my common ground. Haha, yes. The sky wants NOTHING to do with me, or my brother. But hey, that's the way I like it.
"Hesper!!! Get in here!" My mum called me from my smile at the thought of how god would react if I showed up on his door step, and turned to walk lazily into the kitchen.
"Don't 'what' me, young lady. You'll say 'coming' when I call you," My mother's voice floated up to me from behind the counter, where she bent over looking for a lid to a pot. Her dark blonde hair was swept into a braid, her round green eyes seeming to catch every last flicker of light in the room and making it seem dimmer in comparison.
"Fine. 'Coming.' I'm here, now. What?" I say, sliding up on the counter and kicking my navy blue converse on the kitchen cabinet. My jeans were torn, my shirt a flowing dark forest green.
"Help me with dinner." Mum stood up straight, her body buldging.
"Why?" I asked just to humor myself.
"Why? 'Cause I'm about to have a BABY! that's why, honey!!" Mum laughed and handed me a carrot to work on.
"Gross, carrots." I begin to cut them up.
"Why all the sass-talk, today?"
"The Attitude?"
Mum turned to give me a look that quickly turned from "you-know-what-i-mean" to the look she always gave me and Kieran. The look that basically said "Why-couldn't-you-have-turned-out-like-all-the-other-other-kids?" Her bright green eyes met my black ones everytime with a crack in my mind as loud as a screen door slamming. A look of pure desire to turn from my face came to her face that she could never hide fast enough.
I looked away from her quickly instead and continued chopping carrots.
"When's dinner gonna be done?" My twin brother Kieran wandered into the kitchen curiously, looking unmistakably hungry. He kept glancing at the pots on the counter, as if he'd give anything to grab one and empty the contains into his waiting mouth. Yuck, he was like a roach around this time. You just couldn't seem to get rid of him!!
"Thirty minutes, baby," Mum said gentley, not turning around. I had to give her credit: she was a good actress, with that whole "baby" and "Honey" thing. If I hadn't known her all my life, I'd have said she really did love us.

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