Justin Bieber? Dude. no. (girls only)(part 3)

Justin Bieber? Dude. no. (girls only)(part 3)

ao i wrote like 4,000 words and my computer erased it. oiy. anyways 5 comments please :)

Chapter 1

beach!!!!!!!!! and blood??

i was laying on my towel at the beach. lucy was to my right. we had been here for an hour and we were just tanning as always. i heard someone lay down next to me all of a sudden. i turned my head and saw Justin. "justin? what the heck are you doing here?" i asked him. "i'm hanging out. i'm being normal." he said. i rolled my eyes and laid back down. it was exactly 2 minutes before we were swarmed with papparazzi and screaming girls. we ran home. thank goodness is wasn't that far of a run. i walked in the house and justin followed me. Chaz and lucy sat in the front yard. i turned to justin. "way to go justin. you ruined my day. why cant you just be normal." i asked. i was really angry. "i'm sorry. i'm trying." he said. "well apparently you arent trying hard enough! god! i bet it was so amazing when girls throw themselves at you and people always want a picture. im sick of it!" i said. "why do you always follow me around? like a lost puppy! you are such a stalker! can;t you just leave me alone!?" i almost yelled. "I'M TRYING! I'M NOT A STALKER! I LIKE YOU OKAY! I THINK YOUR BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, AND AMAZING OKAY?!" he shouted. "i just want to go out with you!" he said. "well i don't. so please just leave me alone." i said and ran up the stairs. i hopped in the shower and cried a little. i got out and got dressed in ( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=2124946) i looked down and realized my leg was bleeding. a lot. i ran downstairs and wiped the blood on my hand. great now i had blood on my hand and my leg. i saw justin. junstin?. "justin? what are you doing here?" i asked him. "i wanted to appologize for yelling at you and say....ARE YOU BLEEDING?" he asked me. "what!? oh ya, i was shaving and i got cut. no big deel. can you help me find a band aid?" i asked. he nodded and went to the kitchen. he came out carrying a band aid in one hand and a wet paper towel in the other. "how did you find a band aid so easily??" i asked him. he looked up and smiled. "your mom keeps a first aid kit about the refridgeorator just like my mom." he said. "oh." was all i said. he finished putting the band aid on and looked up at me. "listen, their is a bon fire tonight. a bunch of chaz and ryan's friends are gonna be there. you want to come?" he asked. i nodded yes and he said goodbye.
~ bonfire ~
i had changed into http://www.polyvore.com/paige_bonfire/set?id=28215390 and walked with lucy to the bonfire. the whole night i sat with just and lucy and chaz. i thing lucy and chaz were a thing now. but i wasn't sure. "so, paige, had any good waves recently?" asked one of Chaz's friends who i used to know mark. "no. i stopped surfing." i said. "shame. peter would have been sad to hear it." he said. "want a drink?" mark asked. he was extending a beer towards me. "no. i dont drink either." i said. he just nodded and walked away. i saw justins questioning eyes staring into me, so i stood up. "i'm not feeling well. i'm gonna head home. see y'all tomorrow." i said. i was almost home when i heard someone call my name. i turned and there was justin. he was jogging towards me. "paige what happened back there?" he said. "nothing. mark used to be a friend of mine. now he's not." i said. "who's peter?" he asked. "no one justin. he's no one." i said. then i took off running. i was running at full speed. i ran to my house and to my room. justin kept calling me but i ignored it. that boy never gives up. i knew i wouldn't see them tomorrow. i never see anyone tomorrow. tomorrow is june 18th. the day i turn into a ghost. not a real ghost, but close enough. tomorrow was the worst day of my life..................................

ooh a twist >:D MUAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! comment and rate please :)


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