From the Closet

There is a hat sitting in the middle of the circle. There are five things in the hat: a guitar pick, a watch, a lighter, headphones, and an eraser. Which do you choose?

Chapter 1


You reach into the hat, and you pull out the guitar pick. Before you could see who it belongs to, Kaci Wentz, your best friend, puts a blind fold over your eyes. Then someone grabs your hand, and leads you away from the circle. You are lead into a room, and you suspect it's a closet, because it's dark and crowded with stuff. You hear a click, and you can see it brighten through the blind fold. A hand reaches behind your head, and it's Jay Haddix, your crush of the century. You can't speak.
"Hey, ___," he says. "Lovely day, isn't it?" A seductive smile crosses his face. You were flustered, caught for words.
"It's okay," he says. "I know you like me, and, for the longest time I've wanted to tell you, I like you too."
"You do?" you asked like a fool. He just laughed, leaned in close, and kissed you slowly.
"Meet me here," he handed you a slip of paper, "at 6 o'clock on Saturday." His hot breath tingled against your neck. He stepped back, and opened the closet door. You were surprised that was it. Maybe he was saving it for Saturday? You didn't know, you could only imagine.

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