Justin Bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 2)

Justin Bieber? dude. no. (girls only)(part 2)

so i'm so excited y'all liked this story :) it's gonna be good :)
IDEAS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! thanks :) 3 comments :)
~~ Kat :D

Chapter 1

OMG GREEN DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

i woke up to Lucy jumping on my dea and Screaming 21st century breakdown. i must not have heard her come in. i didnt get home until 12:45 last night. Missy made me stop and get milkshakes! not that i don't love a good milkshake....but thats beside the point! i was so tired from everythng last night. it was 12 now. "wakey wakey! i bring eggs and bacey!" she yelled. i sat up. "eggs and bacon really?? where??" i asked. "haha just kidding. i heard y'all have poptarts though!" she said happily. it's so weird. she loves poptarts! i for one prefer toaster strudels but whatevs. i got up nd showered and straightened my hair and changed into my fave white and pink shirt and jean mini. we decided to go to the park and take a walk. it was so nice out! 75 degrees in the middle of june! it was amazing. (outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28211677)
we were about to walk out of the house when Missy ran down the stairs and tackled me. she should really be on the football team. "Justin, Christian, and Chaz are coming to hang out with us at the park today! bring Lucy." she screamed and then ran out the door. i looked at lucy. she just shrugged and helped me up. we were walking to the park and i gasped really loudly. "OMG! i almost forgot our green day concert tonight!!" i almost yelled. "girl you forgot? green day is like your all time favorite band ever!" she said. "i know!" i yelled. she just shook her head and we kept walking. we reached the park. "oh good lord. why did the poor excuse for a man have to hang out with us today!? urg! i really detest him!" i told lucy. she just laughed and kept walking. "hey paige." justin said. "hey. this is my friend lucy. lucy this is justin." i said. lucy said hey. "hello lucy. this is christian and chaz." he said pointing to the two dudes next to him. chaz was kinda cute. "yo. lucy and i are going on a walk. see y'all later." i said and pulled lucy away with me. "i have dibs on chaz" she said. "whatevs" i said. the whole day missy and christian hung out and lucy and chaz hung out. i turned to justin. "so. we've been ditched." i said. he looked at me. "seems so. so what are you doing today?" he asked. "lucy an di have tickets to the green day concert. we've been planning tonight ever since december!" i said. "wow. you must really like them." he said. "they are my favorite band of all time!" i said. he just smiled and nodded. i waited until 6 o'clock to get ready for the best night of my life. i put on my favorite gray tshirt and my gray supras and nixon watch to match. i put on dark wash short shorts and curled my hair.( outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=28212707) i was ready baby. we drove for 2 hours to get to the concert. it started at 9. we were 20 minutes early. so we went in and got our seats. we weren't very close up. we were center 8th row. i was so excited. tonight was going to be awesome! we spent all night singing along and dancing and jumping around! it was so awesome! but when i was leaving i felt a hand on my arm. i turned and it was Justin. really? how the crap did he get into this concert?? ugh. he is like a total stalker. "did you enjoy the concert?" he asked. "why are you here?" i asked. "i know the guys. i got free tickets. pretty cool huh?" he asked. i rolled my eyes and walked away. grr. this was going to be a long summer. little did i know how tomorrow was gonna go down. oh boy......................


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