Life is Full of Surprises( Harry Potter love story) Part 29

Ahhh it's part 29 and year 3! Is anyone as excited as I am haha :]

Chapter 1

Lets go!

You threw yourself onto your bed every muscle in your body aching. " Ugg this is become too familiar of a feeling!" you groaned. You had just gotten back from another day of dancing non-stop for 12 hours (A/N which believe me isn't exactly fun.) This summer with the promise of going to the Weasley's house, you decided not to commit to a show so it wouldn't hold you back. But your parents wouldn't let you sit at home all day so next thing you knew you were signed up for 12 hours of intense dance a day, 6 days a week. " Hey a couple letters came for you when you were gone." Harry said walking into your room and handing you the letters. " Thanks" you said barely being able to sit up. He sat down at your desk " So how bad was today?". You groaned " We spent the first hour and a half doing core and then danced the rest of the time, And we only got 10 minutes to eat lunch!". You have been trying to gain weight this summer but all of this working out is making you loose even more weight...... but then again all the girls you danced with were your size or smaller. " Well it looks like its getting better, yesterday you only had 7 minutes to eat!" Harry said trying not to laugh. " It's not funny! This sucks!" you said getting up and punching him playfully. " I'm starving, want to go out and get something to eat?" you asked going through your closet trying to find something to wear. " Yeah sure, but aren't you not supposed to go out after dance?" he asked. " What they don't know wont hurt them. I'm going to take a shower and then we will leave okay?" You said. " Yeah sure sounds good." Harry responded. Every since you had come home from school your parents had been really strict about what you did. You got up at 5:30 every morning was at dance by 6 and then didn't get home until 6 that night, then after dance you weren't allowed to leave the house. Which meant you were going to have to sneak out tonight. You quickly grabbed your clothes and went to the bathroom.

After you finished getting cleaned up, and went down stairs. " Petunia, Vernon, I'm really tired so I'm just going to bed now I'll see you in the morning." you said and then went back up to your room. You really felt nothing but hatred towards them, mostly Petunia, so ever since the day they picked you up you have been calling them by there first names. You opened Harry's door and said " Ready to go? Meet me in my room in two minutes." You walked back to your room grabbing a light jacket and some money and waited for Harry. A couple minutes later he came into your room and locked the door behind him. " Ready?" He asked. " Yep." You said opening your window. There was a tree right outside your window which made it really easy to sneak out and then get back in. As long and you left the window open everything would be fine. You climbed out the window and down the tree as Harry followed. You jumped off the tree landing on your feet and waited for Harry to do the same. "So where do you want to go?" Harry asked. " Hmm. I don't know I was thinking that dinner down the street." You walked to the diner together chatting about each other's days. You got to the diner, sitting down at your favorite booth and and waited for the waiter to come. You got your menus and when the waiter came you ordered the largest burger possible, french fries, and a milkshake, Harry to make it easy just got the same. " Are you sure you're going to be about to eat all of that?" the waiter teased. " Oh you better believe I will!" I laughed. The waiter left and you talked with Harry some more.

After you finished eating Harry got up to go to the bathroom and the waiter came back. He sat down where Harry had been. " Hi." He said. For the first time all night you actually looked at him. He looked like he could have been 17, he had short brown hair and bright blue eyes. " Uh hi." you said back. " I'm Dave." " Nice to meet you, I'm _ " " So that guy you were with... is that your boyfriend?" You laughed " No that's just my brother." " Oh okay, so where do you go to school." Oh no you thought. " Oh well I go to this little private school." well that wasn't completely a lie. " What's it called?" He asked. You hesitated. You didn't know what to say, but before you had the chance to answer Harry came back. " Hey it's getting late we should probably get back home." He said. " Yeah you're right" You said getting up. " I can give you a ride if you want?" Dave said quickly getting up. " Uh thanks but it's okay." you said leaving with Harry. " What was that all about?'' Harry asked. " Actually I'm not really sure, he was really nosey though." you said.

You sat at your desk looking at the letters Harry had brought you earlier. One was from Ginny you already knew that because of her hand writing, the second was from a boy again you could tell by the hand writing. You decided to open Ginny's letter first.

Hey _
So you know how I told you that I was going to talk to my parents about having you spend sometime at my house this summer? Well I did and they said they would love to have you here, isn't that great! No more 12 hours of dance a day! By the way how is that going? Ron is inviting Harry to come and I'm pretty sure Hermione is coming too so this should be fun. My mom is sending your parents a letter asking if it's okay if you can come, but if they say no, well we might just have to kidnap you. Please right back telling me what your parents say and hopefully I'll see you soon!
- Ginny

You smiled you had been waiting for this all summer. You were so excited to leave, now the only question was weather or not Petunia and Vernon would let you go. Harry would have no problem they would be happy to get rid of him, but you on the other hand well this was going to be interesting. You opened the second letter and began to read it.

_ ,
How is everything going? I know I promised to write to you, so here it is. Sorry it took so long I've been a little busy lately. So how are you feeling? Hopefully better than you were when you were in the hospital wing. What have you been doing this summer? Are you going to the World Cup? I'm going to be there and it would be cool to see you. Write back when you have the time.
- Draco

You didn't know how to feel about that letter. First of all it sounded nothing like Draco, which made you think it was some kind of joke, but then again he did say he would write to you. Second you were a little disappointed it wasn't Seamus. Ginny said he was worried about you, when he found out you were in the hospital wing but you haven't heard from him or even talked to since the night he told you he didn't think it was a good idea for you two to be together. You put the two letters with the other letters you have received from your friends from Hogwarts over the past years and got into bed.

You woke up unwillingly and looked over at the clock beside your bed. 8:00. No dance today thank god! You dragged yourself out of bed and went down stairs for breakfast. Dudley's school had complained that Dudley had gotten so large that they didn't have big enough sizes to fit him. So this summer Dudley was on a strict diet, which meant everyone was on this diet. While you and Harry could really gain some weight, you were just losing more weight with this new diet and this is how sneaking out to eat started. You picked at the part of a grapefruit Petunia had set in front of you and a few minutes later Harry and come down stairs and took his seat next to you. Vernon left the room to answer the door and came back asking you and Harry to come into the other room with him. He was holding a letter with dozens of stamps all over it, which made you laugh. " You think this is funny?" he asked getting angry. " Yeah actually I do." you said only making him more angry. It was a letter from Mrs. Weasley asking if it was okay for you and Harry to go to the World cup and spend the rest of the summer with them. Vernon wanted Harry out of the house more than anything but didn't want him to get his way so you were a little confused as to what the answer was, but all you knew was that there was no way you were staying here. You skipped back up stairs over joyed and started to write back to Ginny.

We got the letter, but Vernon seems unwilling to let me leave. So are you willing to come kidnap me? I need to get out of here. See you soon.
- _

You were about to send your letter to Ginny when Harry burst into your room.
" I just got a letter from Ron. They will be here tomorrow at 6 so make sure your packed." He said with a huge smile on your face. You took your letter to Ginny scratched out what you had written and instead wrote " See you tomorrow!" and sent it off.


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