Sirius Black Love Story! Woot!
Ursa Jones
4th year with Sirius/James/Peter/Remus/Severus
Cat Animagus/Patronus, i forget which is which, but im pretty sure its Animagus.
Light brown wavy hair. Light green eyes with purple and gold specks. Short.

Chapter 1

I dont like getting wet.

"Sirius! Get back here!" "Make me!" He had just pranked me, him and James were running down the hall. I was all wet, sloshing after them. "Sirius, James! When i get you, you will pay!" I ran faster, being on the track team when i was in the Muggle World, i was faster than most and caught up to them easily. I tackled both of them down. "Apoligize." "Im sorry, im sorry!" I let James go and focused on Sirius.
"Apoligize." "Why should i?" "You got me soaked." I took out my wand. "Dont make me put your robes on fire." "You wouldnt." I narrowed my eyes. "Try me. Apoligize, and i wont." "Ursa! Get off Sirius!" Lily tried to get me off, but i didnt budge. I kept my wand pointed at him. "No, Lily. He got me wet, i hate getting wet." "But-" "I've told him, i'll set him on fire if he doesnt apoligize." "Im not apoligizing."
I got up and shrugged. "You asked for it." "What?" "Incendio!" I pointed my wand at his robes and they burst into flames. He started jumping about, his wand fell out of his pocket and i picked it up. "All right, all right! Im sorry!" "Excuse me? I dont think i heard you right." "I said im sorry!" I laughed and a shadow came up behind me. "Miss Jones." I gulped. "Yes?" "Please douse Mister Black, if you could be so kind." I nodded. "Aguamenti." Water shot out of my wand and doused the flames on his robes.
"Very good. Now, all of you get to class." Everyone scrambled away and Sirius, Severus and i stayed. "We dont have anything right now." They both nodded. "Very well." He left, leaving us in the courtyard. I turned to Sirius and glared. "What? I said im sorry. Can i have my wand back?" "No. Come on Severus." We walked away from Sirius and went to the lake to study for Defence Against the Dark Arts.
"I see you arent too fond of Sirius still." "And you're still going after Lily. Although its hopeless unless either you or James makes a move. A good move. Not a shy one, or a cocky one. A nice one." "But i-" "I know, i know. You try. Well try harder!" A lot of people looked at us weird, not many times have people seen a Gryffindor and Slytherin hanging out together, but Lily and i hang out with Severus all the time.
"And Sev?" "Hm?" "Dont let those stupid boys get to you." He nodded and we kept on studying. After we were done, it was time to head to class. I had charms and he had Care of Magical Creatures. "See you, Severus." "Bye."
I got my books and headed to class. Sadly, i had class with all of the boys. The Marauders, they called themselves. "Hey, Ursa." "Hi, Remus." "Hey, Ursa." "Hey, Peter, James." "Hey, there, Jonesy. Can i-" "No." "But i need it-" "Fine." I took his wand out of my pocket and handed it to Sirius. "Do i want to know?" "Probably not, Remus."
"Ok, today we will be learning the tickling charm. Does anyone know how to say it?" I didnt know i, so i just started playing with my quil. "Miss Jones. Can you tell us?" I looked up. "Uh...." Remus whispered to me. "Rictusempra." "Rictusempra?" "Very good." I mouthed a thank you to Remus and looked back up at the front. She kept talking, but i wasnt really listening. "Ok, now you all try." "Huh?" "She assigned us partners to try the charm on." "Tell me im yours." Remus shook his head and looked over at Sirius. "No!" "Is there a problem, Miss Jones?" "What? No problem. Who said there was a problem?"
I yawned and stood near Sirius. "Ok, lets just get this over with." "Why do you hate m-" "Rictusempra." I pointed my wand at him and he started laughing. "N-no fair..Haha.... I haha, I wasnt ready...... haha, ow my spleen! Haha, aguamenti." He pointed his wand at me and water shot out. I screamed as the water hit me and i jumped back, hitting Peter making him use the tickle charm on himself.
"Oh my god! Im sorry, Peter." "Ahaha, it-its ok Ursa. Ahaha, i know you...... heheh, didnt mean to." "Miss Jones. Is there a problem?" "Sirius got me wet, and i just got dry from the last time." I glared at Sirius, who was rolling on the floor laughing. "Mister Black. Is this true?" "J-j-jonesy did the....... ahahahahahha cur-curse before i...... oh my god this hurts! Before i was ready!" "Both of you, detention." "But-" "Detention!" I sighed and looked at Sirius, the charm was wearing off.
"Thanks a lot!" "What?" "You got us both detention! Its bad enough i have every class with you!" "Relax Jonesy. Its just detention. Whats your problem" The bell rang for us to leave class andf i walked beside him. "Its you! You are the problem, Sirius. Every time i turn around you're pranking me and im getting tired of it. For the past four years, i've put up with it, but now its just getting ridiculous! Seriously, Sirius!"
We entered the classroom with Remus trailing behind us."Haha, you made a pun. I thought you didnt have a humour, Jonesy." "Stop calling me Jonesy! Its Ursa." I sat at the front with Remus while he sat at the back. "Sirius ticked you off?" I nodded. "I have water, and he knows that. He just does it to bug me, doesnt he? Somehow, he's manipulated the schedules so we'd have every class together. Just so he can annoy me!" "Well, you're half right." 'Excuse me?" "Well, he actually-"
"Ok, class! Today we will....." I zoned out most of the day, and it was time for dinner.

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