Running The Distance (Jacob Black Love Story: Sequeal)

Running The Distance (Jacob Black Love Story: Sequeal)

In book one Jeydon sees why Jacob was gone for so long. He was spending his time with Bella. She leaves without telling anyone where she is going. Will Jake be able to run the distance to get her back?

In Jakes P.O.V

Chapter 3


*Still Jeydon's P.O.V*

My plane finally landed and I got off into the hustle and bustle of the city. I know what your thinking, but I'm 18 now, and I have family here that I can stay with. "Grand-père!" I shouted as I got of the plane. "Bonjour Jeydon petite-fille!" my grand-père shouted back in his thick french accent. "Je vous manqué!" I told him. "Je t'ai manqué trop." he said as he gave me a bear hug. "Can't breath." I told him in english. "Sorry. I missed you so much! You must visit more often. And look at your hair and eyes! Arent you gorgeous!" he told me, a smile on his face. "Merci" I told him and gave him another hug. "Where is grand-mère?" I asked. "She is back home, getting your room ready." he said, still smiling. "Let's go!"

We pulled up the extremely long driveway to the cottage on the vineyard. It was the perfect season to be here, everything was in perfect bloom. "Jeydon!" someone called. "Grand-mère!" I shouted back, and ran to give her a hug as my grande-p`ere got my bag out of the trunk. "It had been to long petite fille." she told me as I hugged to her. "Jeydon!" I heard little voices shout. Camielle and Abelle came first, and then Ace and Florence. "Hey guys!" I said, bending down so my little cousins could hug me.

I was laying on my bed with my laptop after a long reunion and dinner with my family. It was beautiful here. I was cheking my e-mail and facebook. I had posted a few pictures of the vineyard and were getting some nice comments on them. I put my laptop away and rolled over, almost falling asleep instantly.

*Jake's P.O.V*

I was on my computer while I was on house arrest for the night and saw new pictures that Jeydon had posted. I grabbed the phone of its stand and dialed Sam and Emily's number. Sam answered on the second ring. "Hello?" he asked, drowsily. "Go on facebook, she posted pictures." I told him, and I could hear him get up. "Okay. One sec." he said, and the keys started clicking on the keyboard.

"How could I have been so stupid! Its so obvious!" he shouted and I jumped slightly. "Where is she?" I asked, eager. "Shes at our grandparents vineyard in France"

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