Running The Distance (Jacob Black Love Story: Sequeal)

Running The Distance (Jacob Black Love Story: Sequeal)

In book one Jeydon sees why Jacob was gone for so long. He was spending his time with Bella. She leaves without telling anyone where she is going. Will Jake be able to run the distance to get her back?

In Jakes P.O.V

Chapter 2


I glanced at the clock once more 10 minutes to midnight; I was clear. I slowly opened my door and stepped out, closingit behind me silently. I crept down the hallway, without a sounds. "Go back to sleep, Jacob." my dad said from his room as I walked past. "Shiz." I cursed under my breath. For the past month, I had been sneaking out to look, and see if I could catch any type of lead on where she might be. I walked back to my room noisily and plopped down on my to small bed. I looked at the boarded up window. Old man went a little extreme on that one.

I laid down and closed my eyes, trying to force sleep upon me, but I knew that crap didn't work. So I laid there with my eyes open, starring at a wall. Fun right? I finally was able to catch some z's and then woke up around 8. I walked out of my room and to the kitchen. I ran out the back door and was about to phase when I heard my dad call my name. "What dad?" I asked, turning around. "You need to eat, son." he said, sitting on the porch. "I can't. I'll hunt if I have too." I told him, and then ran for the woods. I stopped at a tree and took off my clothes, then let the heat take over my body.

Jake. You need to stop this. Quils voice said. Your going to run yourself dry. Embry told me. I know! But I have to find her! You dont know what it's like to not have your imprint. I said, running faster. Then let us come with you. Quil said, and I stopped short. If I had them with me, we'd be able to run for days. We could search the whole country. Heck, we could search the whole continent! I wouldn't go that far Jake. Embry said. I know. I sighed. We can at least try and look for leads. Quil told me. Okay. I agreed and then we started running in different directions to see if there was any clues as to where she might have been headed.

*Jeydon's P.O.V*

"Flight 276 to the Flight deck please." The voice over the intercome said. I let out a long breathe and moved along with the hoard of people getting ready to board the plane. I had been thinking all day about what I was doing. I'm sure the seperation won't be permanent, but I just need to get away for a while and try to organize my thoughts. Hopefully ___ is a good place to do that.

A/N: Ha! you thought I was going to tell you where she was going! Well I actually don't even know where shes going. Shes been keeping it a secret from us all...............

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