Running The Distance (Jacob Black Love Story: Sequeal)

Running The Distance (Jacob Black Love Story: Sequeal)

In book one Jeydon sees why Jacob was gone for so long. He was spending his time with Bella. She leaves without telling anyone where she is going. Will Jake be able to run the distance to get her back?

In Jakes P.O.V

Chapter 1


The woods blarred past me as I try to find that familiar place. To be able to feel her, smell her, see her. But I knew that wouldn't happen. I had screwed things up, and now I needed to fix it. But she wont let me explain. She dosent answer her cell phone, her texts, her e-mails, nothing. It's been 5 months. I can't hear her when she's wolf, though I can feel her there, in my head. But maybe that's just an imprint thing. I had been rejected from the pack. They hadn't actually kicked me out, but I was getting the silent treatment from the all. Everyone was moping around. Even the weather was upset. Ever since she left, the sun dosent shine, or amybe that's just because of the raging, back storm cloud hanging above my head, but I could never tell. Nobody knos where she is, and she's not planning to tell. She mustve boarded a plane, because her scent disappears once she hits civiliztion in Seattle. She dosen't call Sam or Emily, and her father is worried sick. The whole tribe seems to miss her. Everyones been trying to help, but with all the vampires in town, it's hard to keep them focused. I just wish there was a way to make this all easier.

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