capture my heart  (narnia love story)

capture my heart (narnia love story)

Star Rider is a Narnian rebel on the run, her family betrayed Aslan many years before and she is left to protect those closest to her, but one day when she was raiding a secluded village, Narnian guards spotted her.

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Chapter 1

Rider, Raider and Rebel

"STOP HER!" Shouted one of the guards who were chasing me. I sped up knowing they were close behind me, i headed deeper into the forest, pushing myself as far as i could go, my body was screaming in refusal but i could not stop.
I laughed as the sound of their footsteps grew quieter. I slowed down and rested, catching my breath. I panted heavily for a few minutes still laughing to myself. Being a rebel had its good points, you defied the king and his law and always got away with it, the Narnian guards are no match for the rebels. The sound of crashing hooves drowned out my thoughts, they were on horses.
I took off again, i could see the edge of the forest in the distance, if i could just make it past the boarder line i will be free, i ran faster, ignoring the strain, i was used to running for my life. The boarder line was getting closer, i smiled in victory as i ran to it, but seconds before i reached it, my feet were pulled out from beneath me, causing me to crash to the floor, a guard on a grey unicorn trotted over to me, pulling the rope he had used to capture me tighter, i was dragged towards him.
"Well well well, what do we have here? A raider?" He asked me. I got up on my knees, glaring into his milky blue eyes.
Another guard jumped off his horse and tied my hands behind my back and untying my feet.
I climbed to my feet never letting my gaze drop from the guards.
"Well?" He asked again.
I spat on the floor by his stallions hooves.
"Oh a rude raider. Take her back to the palace, im sure the king will want to meet the raider who has been killing all of his subjects before she is sentenced to death." He spat. My eyes widened, my knees buckled beneath me.
"Im not a-" I was cut off by a gag going over my mouth, and then a blindfold over my eyes. I screamed against the gag but nothing more than muffled noise came out. They were wrong! I felt myself being lifted of the ground and placed on what i think was a horse. I almost fell of when the horse took off. I rode for what seemed like two days, i could barley stay awake, but my instincts told me not to let my guard down, or what was left of it.
After the two days riding the horses hooves hit what sounded like cobbled roads, we must be in the Kingdom, i had never been here before but i had heard stories.
Soon the horse stopped and i was lifted down and dropped to the floor, i felt so week i just collapsed. I didnt get to rest long, minutes later i was dragged to my feet. i heard footsteps coming towards me.
"Your majesty. We have the raider." One of the guards said.
"Release her so she may speak." A voice said, it was strong and full of command.
My hands were untied and my gag and blind fold were removed, i squinted in the sunlight, until my eyes adjusted. Stood before me was a very handsome young man, about twenty one at most. His dark shoulder length hair and chocolate brown eyes stood out against his lightly tan skin, he was very tall, and well built. He looked like a king.
I stood still and continued to look at him, his eyes were soft and kind but his expression was hard.
"What do you have to say for yourself?" He asked me.
I had not talked in a while so my voice cracked when i did.
"I am not a raider." I said simply, making eye contact with him.
"Some one has been murdering innocent people in my kingdom, female, athletic, long brown hair, you fit that description." He replied.
"Thats not me, i have never stepped foot in this Kingdom. I am a rebel from the south forests." I practically shouted, being called a raider was a very big insult to a rebel. Rebels broke the law for beneficial reasons, raiders broke the law for the thrill.
"Your majesty, she ran when we confronted her, highly suspicious. Im certain she is the one." The guard who caught me said.
"What is your name?" The boy asked me. I didnt answer. "My name is Caspian, King of Narnia."
He was the King of Narnia?! I had met a few kings before, but they were only kings of their land, this was the king of our world!
"Rider." I said. Im sure he would recognize the name.
"Soul Rider?" Caspian asked, his eyebrows raising.
"No, she is my mother, I am Star Rider." i replied, bowing my head.
"Hmm." Caspian sighed. "Guards thank you for your time. You may return to your duties after you have been fed and rested."
"But my king-" The guard started, but Caspian gave him a look that made him keep quiet.
The guards headed into the castle to recover from their journey.
"Miss Rider, i apologies for this mistake. Please feel free to rest here, my castle is the home to all Narnians." Caspian said. I nodded and followed him into the castle.
What was i doing? i could be walking into a trap for all i knew...

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