If my heart was a house you'd be home :: A Dean Thomas love story

This is my second Harry potter love story.
This one is about Dean Thomas. I haven't read any love stories about him so I
Thought I should start one :)

Xoxo Hannah

Chapter 4

I hear your voices sing back louder <3

I was 'trying' to do my DADA homework but all I could think about was dean and I almost kissing. I stared off into space, replaying the amazing moment in my head when someone snapped there fingers in front of my face. "Hannah! Hannah! You alright?" Hermione said breaking me out of my trance. "sorry, I just have my mind on other things." I said smiling. 

"You were thinking about Dean weren't you?" she asked. I was just about to answer when I was interrupted. "You were thinking about me?" I swung my head around and saw Dean standing at the bottom of the boys dormitory stair case. "well, um yeah." by this point I knew my face was as red as a beet! "well I was kind of thinking of you to." dean said putting his hand on the back of his neck. I walked over to dean and grabbed both of his hands. 

"dean, I really like you." I blurted out. "I like you to Hannah" he said with that smile I adored. Dean gave Hermione a 'can we be alone' look and she stood up. "I'll leave you two alone."she said as she walked to her dorm. Dean looked into my eyes and asked "can we finish what we started in class earlier?" "of course." I said. We both leaned in and our lips met. A warm rush was sent down my spine. At first the kiss was small and sweet but then it got rougher and faster. I stumbled backwards a couple of steps and fell on the couch with Dean on top of me. His lips moved down and kissed my jaw line, then my neck. I couldn't help but groan and dean took that as satisfaction. He began to kiss my lips again he parted for air and dean whispered in my ear; "Hannah, will you be my girlfriend?"

I whispered back one simple word: yes. We sat up and just sat side by side with my head on his shoulder and his head on mine. After a little while dean lifted his head up, and I did the same. "we should probably get to bed before a prefect catches us up so late." dean whispered. I nodded and stood up. Dean also stood up and grabbed me and pulled me into a bridal carry. "let me carry you to your dorm." he said giving me that irresistible smile. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he walked up the stairs and into the dorm. Hermione and ginny were already sleeping by the time we got there. He laid me down on my bed and pulled the sheets over me. "good night Hannah."he said kissing my forehead. I smiled at him and he walked out trying not to wake anyone. I turned over in my bed and dreamt of Dean Thomas.

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