If my heart was a house you'd be home :: A Dean Thomas love story

This is my second Harry potter love story.
This one is about Dean Thomas. I haven't read any love stories about him so I
Thought I should start one :)

Xoxo Hannah

Chapter 3

Accio Dean Thomas

I put on my robe, brushed my hair and put on my make up. I walked out of the bathroom And walked down to the great hall for breakfast. I sat down with Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny's brother Ron. ( you guys were introduced last night. ) While we were eating dumbledor started to make a speech. "Students. Hogwarts won't just be our home for the year, it will also be the home of two other schools. Hogwarts will be hosting the tri wizard tournament." I knew tons about the tri wizard tournament. My cousin was in Durmstrang Institute and he competed once. He didn't win but at least he survived. He would always send me letters about the tasks. They seemed quite scary. While I was thinking about who I thought would enter, Barty Crouch walked onto the stage and announced that no one under the age of 17 where aloud to enter. Everyone started shouting and saying stuff like 'thats rubbish!' and 'you don't know what your doing.' I thought it wasn't fair if people wanted to put there own lives in danger for internal glory they have that right, I think. Dumbledor announced that everyone had two weeks until the three champions were selected. Then he explained the process of becoming a tri wizard champion. After the speech the two school came in the great hall; bauxbatons academy and  Durmstrang Institute. 

When the bauxbatons girls came in every guy made googly eyes at them, I got kind of jelous when I saw dean staring at them to. Then the guys from Durmstrang Institute marched in. Every girl stared at them awestruck. After all that classes began, first was potions Which I hated, then DADA, then charms. Potions and DADA went by pretty quickly, then came charms, which I loved. Proff. Flitwick made seating arrangements which I never liked. I was waiting for the professor to say who I was sitting with he said "Hannah, you will be sitting with Dean Thomas." I looked over at Dean and smiled, after taking my seat I looked over at Hermione (who was sitting with a hufflepuff girl) and she gave me a thumbs up. I smiled at her as the class began. "today we will be learning about the summoning charm. Does anyone know what its called?" I raised my hand. The professor pointed at me. "The charm is called accio." I announced. "That's correct. Now partner up and practice the charm." I felt Dean poke my arm. "Want to be my partner?" he asked.

"sure." I replied. I dean grabbed a book and stood about 11 inches away from me. "Accio book!" I shouted and the book flew into my hands. I held the book in my hands while Dean got out his wand. "Accio book!" he shouted but nothing happened. He tried about 6 times but nothing happened. I laughed at his failed attempts. "stop laughing! Accio Hannah!" he shouted and I flew into his arms. He fell on his back onto the floor and and I landed on him. "Well that got you to stop laughing." he said in his sexy accent. I giggled at what was happening and dean leaned in. I mimed his action and just before our lips touched I heard yelling. 

"Mr. Thomas and Miss Bate! This isn't a kissing class!" professor flitwick yelled. We both shot up to our feet, both blushing. "sorry professor." we said in unison. The bell rang and I walked out of class and ran into Hermione. "You and Dean almost kissed!" She said smiling. We both screamed and jumped up and down. I couldn't believe it. I almost kissed Dean freaking Thomas! 

Hermione and I walked up to the common room and she got me to tell her about what happened. After that we got started on our DADA homework.

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