If my heart was a house you'd be home :: A Dean Thomas love story

This is my second Harry potter love story.
This one is about Dean Thomas. I haven't read any love stories about him so I
Thought I should start one :)

Xoxo Hannah

Chapter 10

You said never, I said forever

I woke up the next morning with my head still on Dean's warm chest. I lifted my head up and looked up at Dean and kissed his cheek. His eyes squinted and slowly opened. "Good morning beautiful." he said smiling. "Right back to you handsome." I said seductively. He softly kissed my lips and sat up. I mimed him and also sat up. "I have to go to class now. But I'll be back after classes and at lunch." dean said standing up. "okay see you later Dean. I love you." I said smiling. "I love you to." he kissed my forehead and walked out of the hospital wing. He came to visit like he said, for the week and a half I was still in the hospital wing. I also got alot of people coming in to bring me flowers or chocolates. 

The Weasley twins, Fred and George, came in every once and a while and brought me something to keep me busy while everyone was in class. They brought some small firework looking items that I could toss around, Extendable Ears so I could take to some of my friends and a Aviatomobile which is a toy car that is bewitched to fly. I would use these when everyone was in class or I was bored. The week and a half went by pretty fast and I was finally aloud to leave. I walked up to the gryffindor common tower and walked up to the portrait of the fat lady. "Hannah! How are you feeling? I heard what happened." the fat lady said as I approached the door. "I'm feeling great thanks for asking." I said the password and I walked in. The common room was empty except for Hermione who had her nose in a book. I walked up and stood in front of her but she didn't notice me. "good book?" I asked she looked up from her book and smiled. she jumped up and hugged me. "Hannah! I've missed you. So has everyone else." she said pulling away from me. she started to guide me up the stairs to the boys dorms. "go say hi to Harry and everyone else. They've missed you as much as I have." she said stopping in front of Harry, Ron, Dean and Seamus's room. 

She walked back down the stairs and I knocked on the door. "come in." I heard Seamus say. I opened the door and ran in. "hey boys!" I shouted. Harry and Seamus ran up and hugged me tightly. "woah guys I've never seen you so happy." I giggled. "Glad to have you back Hannah." Seamus said smiled and pulling away. Harry also pulled away. "your probably looking for Dean, am I right?" Harry asked. "yeah, do you know where he is?" I asked the boys. "Probably in the great hall." Seamus said. "okay thanks guys." I walked out of the dorm and down the stairs, passing Ron. I hoped he would say anything, but sure enough he did. "Hannah, can I talk to you?" he asked. I kept walking. "listen Hannah I'm sorry. I always had rage issues and I'm terribly sorry please forgive me." I was in the middle of the common room when he said 'forgive me.' I turned around and faced Ron who was still on the stairs. "Can we talk later Ron? I promise." I asked. "okay." he said as he turned around to walk back upstairs. I walked out of the gryffindor tower and through the winding corridors that lead to the great hall. I stood in the doorway and looked around. "Hannah!" I heard someone scream. I whipped my head around and saw dean running towards me. I ran and leaped into his arms, wrapping my legs around his waist. He missed me lightly on the lips. "I've missed you." he smiled at me. "I missed you to." I said letting go of Dean's waist and dropped back to the ground. "sit with me?" Dean asked. "of course." I said smiling. We sat and the end of the gryffindor so we can chat without everyone else. I sat down and dean sat beside me. We ate breakfast and dean told me almost everything I missed. After we were both done eating, he leaned in close and he whispered, "Hannah, your the most beautiful girl I've ever met." he kissed my lips softly, after a couple seconds he started to kiss harder. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip. I teased him a little and opened my mouth slowly. He smiled into the kiss and slid his tongue in my mouth. He explored every inch and I did the same. I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw professor McGonagall. "sorry." I said blushing 100 shades of red. She walked away and dean and I pushed apart. "well I'm going to go have a shower." I said. "okay." dean said kissing my cheek. I stood up and walked back up to my dorm

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