If my heart was a house you'd be home :: A Dean Thomas love story

This is my second Harry potter love story.
This one is about Dean Thomas. I haven't read any love stories about him so I
Thought I should start one :)

Xoxo Hannah

Chapter 1

This is the beginning of something great

"Have fun at your new school!" my mom shouted as I entered kings cross station. I was going to Hogwarts for my fourth year. I used to go to a wizarding school in Toronto,Canada but I left because I was bullied 24/7. My mom let me transfer to Hogwarts because she knew how much I hated it in that Canadian school.

I put my trunk on a trolly and remembered that my mom told me to go to platform 9 3/4. I walked past platforms 7,8,9,10, but where was platform 9 3/4? I noticed a boy the same age as me, with a trunk with the Hogwarts crest on it. I walked up to him and asked. "excuse me, could you help me find platform 9 3/4?" "sure" he said smiling at me, I couldn't help but smile back. He grabbed my waist lightly and positioned me in front of the barrier. I blushed, I guess he noticed because he smiled back. "Now what you have to do is run at the wall between platforms 9 and 10." "what!? Are you crazy!?" "trust me." he said still holding my waist. He looked down at his hands and quickly pulled his hands away. He stepped away and gestured me to go. I was just about to run at the barrier when he grabbed my trolly. "I'm Dean Thomas, And you are?" "Hannah Bate." I replied smiling like an idiot. Dean let go of my trolly and I ran at the barrier. Before I knew it I was looking at a Scarlett red train.

I got on the train and looked for a compartment. While I was walking through the hallway someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw dean. "hey Hannah, are you looking for a compartment?" he asked. "yeah, can I-" I was cut off by dean replying. "of course, follow me." he grabbed your hand and walked you to a compartment. You and dean entered a compartment with two other boys, both with brown hair. Dean took your trunk and put it with the others. You sat down across from the two boys and dean sat beside you. "Hannah, this is Seamus." Dean said pointing to the boy closest the window. "And this is Neville." He said pointing to the boy by the door. You gave them a small wave. "I take it your the girl Dean keeps blabbing on about."
Seamus said. You smiled and Dean kicked Seamus in the shin. "Ow! Sorry dean but it's true, you were talking about her the whole time since we got on the train." Dean kicked him again. "Seamus I think it's about time you shut up." Neville said giggling. We all laughed like maniacs.

I was bombarded with questions the whole ride. They probably knew my whole life story by the time the train stopped. We all got our trunks and walked off the train and into the beautiful castle. Seconds later an old women with green robes approached us. "Miss bate, professor dumbledor would like to see you." While approaching dumbledors office you just thought, 'I'm probobly getting sorted, I hope I'm in gryffindor with Dean.' On the train ride dean told you about the four houses and that he was in gryffindor. You entered the office and saw an old man who you thought was dumbledor, a stool and an old hat. "please take a seat miss bate." he said gesturing to the stool. You sat down and the hat was placed on your head "difficult, very difficult." the Hat mumbled. "Smart like ravenclaw, dedicated like hufflepuff, brave like gryffindor and cunning like slytherin." This went on for several minutes but finally it made a decision. "I know exactly where to put you......"

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