Missing Girl-  Chapter Two

Missing Girl- Chapter Two

The girl in this story is taken by a man and trafficked around New York. She somehow overcomes all that happened to her, escapes, and leads a successful life. As for the s** traffickers, well they never get caught and resume trafficking after the story dies down. If I get enough comments and thumbs up, I will make another. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1


by: JACY

Kaytlinne steps into her classroom just as the bell rings. "Where have you been?" Asks Jayme, Kaytlinne's best friend.
"You know Mondays aren't my best," responds Kaytlinne,"Woke up late."
"Psshhh. You just need to plan out your weekends," Says Jayme. "Oh, and you forgot to call me. I was sooo bored this weekend. And now we have to take this dumb test! Crazyness"
"Oh My Gosh!" I totally forgot to study!" Kaytlinne feels a wave of dread wash over her. "My mom is so going to kill me."
"Quiet down class," Says Mrs. Hervy. "Time for the test. It is multiple question.Circle the one you feel best answers the questions."
~Okay. Only a couple of multiple choice questions. I can do this.~ Kaytlinne thinks. ~Number one. Which is the smallest? Umm. It is either molecule, atom, or particle. Okay, I know this.~
Kaytlinne writes particles on her test
~Number two. What are the three states of matter? Liquid, gas, water or liquid, oxygen, nitrogen or liquid, gas, solid. Hmmmm. Well a liquid is water so I guess it is liquid, oxygen,nitrogen.~
Kaytlinne writes liquid,oxygen,nitrogen

(riiinnng riiinnng)
"Hey, its me"
"Did you get the girl?"
"Not yet. We will have to wait a couple days"
"Why. Were supposed to have her tomorrow"
"I know, but she had the flu for a couple days. Do you want a sick one?"
"I guess not. So how are you going to do this?"
"Don't worry I have it all planned out"
"It better work"
"It will. I have on paper"
"Ok. See ya in a bit"

"Yay! An A-!" Exclaims Jayme. "What did you get, Kaytlinne?"
"Eeerrfff" I think i'm going to throw up."
"Why? What did you get?" Pushed Jayme.
"A D+. I told you my mom is going to kill me!" Says Kaytlinne.
"Wow. You'll get it next time." Says Jayme trying to cheer Kaytlinne up.
"There won't be a next time," Says Kaytlinne, looking very sickly. "My mom is going to KILL me!"
Kaytlinne lays her head on her desk and closes her eyes. Taking deep breaths and trying to relax, she just thought of something.
"Hey. Did I mention I got a note today?" Says Kaytlinne.
"No." Answers Jayme. "Who's i from? A boy?
"I don't know. I didn't recognize the handwriting."
"Well what'd it say?"
"Here, you read it."
"I've been watching you for a long time now. You are very special. I will see you soon." As she finishes reading she gets a confused look on her face. "Well there is no signature. It must be a secret admirer. Ohhhh, Kaytlinne's got a boyfriend! Kaytlinne's got a boyfriend!"
Kaytlinne rolls her eyes and snatches back the letter. "Well whoever it is, I've been getting these for a couple of days. All saying pretty much the same thing. I guess we'll just have to wait and see."


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