Hold Me, Don't Drop Me.

Hold Me, Don't Drop Me.

ok, guys...so this isn't really a love story...well it kinda is but it's not about love. it's not happy either.
hope u'll like it

Chapter 3

Happy thoughts...

"Hey babe, get in." Mike said opening the car door with a grin on his face. He gave me a dirty look as I walked to his car.
Why didn't I just stayed home? Why did I have to go to this stupid party with stupid Mike?!
"Sure..." I murmored and sat on the passenger's seat and waited for him to go around the car and get in.
This wasn't a good idea.
He started the car and turned on the radio. It was some lame country love song. "Man, I love this song! Isn't it awesome, Cris?" he put his hand on mine and looks at me grinning.
He jumps when a truck coming at us honks and he avoids for a second.
Maybe something will hit us and I wouldn't have to go to the party? That would be much easier... My mind fills with pictures of crushed cars and bloody roads as I think about what could have happen.
"That was close." he said wiping sweat drops of his forehead and I sneer quietly.
He acts like he's tough but he's really a wimp. He would die out of fear before that truck hit us...
I glance over to the window when I couldn't look at him anymore.
"Thinking about me?" I turned my head to him slowly not really thinking about what he said. He kept glancing at me and put his arm around my shoulders.
I shudder at his touch "No, Mike, I'm just tired...." I said pushing off his hand but he brought it back up. "What's wrong? You've been like this for quite some time... If it's because we broke up..." I chuckled at the thought of me loving him. Loving.
The car stopped behind his house and he turned it off. "It's nothing." I said and unbuttoned my seat belt, but Mike locked the door.
"Mike what are you doing? They're waiting for us..." I said trying to get the keys "They can wait a bit longer...." he whispered and pressed his lips on mine.
"Mike, get off!" I started kicking him trying to push him off, but the car was too small, and he was too heavy.
"Com'on, babe, you know you want it.." he said, now laying over me, holding my face with his hands. He pulled his face closer to mine.
"You're beautiful..." he said smirking and tried to kiss me again but I turned my head "Let me go, Mike!" I screamed at him, but he wouldn't move. "Get...off! Agh!" I screamed in pain as my shoulder cracked under his weight, my mind going black.
He just ignored it. "You owe his to me Cristy..." he said with a cold tone that made me want to vomit.
I...I want him off of me!
I grabbed the car keys and run them over his face pressing as hard as I could "Ough!!" he screamed of surprise and pain and I pushed him hard enough to make him hit the windshield and he groaned in pain again.
I opened the door as quickly as I could but I tripped and fell on the ground. I couldn't feel my ankle anymore.
Maybe...Maybe this will put the end on it all..
Something pulled me from behind and I hit my head on something. "Aagh.." I groaned as I felt liquid soaking my hair. It all felt like a dream.
"Mike? What's goi...Cris??"
I heard Thomas's voice but I couldn't see him.
"Mike...What the helll?!"
I felt something lift me up and I blacked out from the pain.
Where am I?
I tried to move my head but I felt cold going through my spine making it numb and I gave up. There's no light here...I can't see anything...
What happened?
Series of flashbacks goes before my eyes and I feel my heart beat fastening.
Did that really happen? Did Mike...
My mind goes blank and I stare at the darkness.

Why didn't I call for help?

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