Hold Me, Don't Drop Me.

Hold Me, Don't Drop Me.

ok, guys...so this isn't really a love story...well it kinda is but it's not about love. it's not happy either.
hope u'll like it

Chapter 2


We were in the cafeteria - Elisabeth, Ivone, Mike, Josh, Thomas Eric and me. Eric was in the first year but he was really good in football so guys liked him. So did most of the girls.
"Eric, are you going at Mike's tonight?" Elisabeth was sitting in his lap, flirting with him in every possibly way. He stared at her top and muttered "The party? Oh, yeah. Wanna pick you up at eight?" "Sure, honey" she said playing with his hair.
"Cris, are you coming?" Josh asked me, gesturing on Mike, who winked at me. Josh was both Mike's and mine best friend, and, even though he got in a fight with Mike when he cheated on me, he was using every chance to bring us back together.
I didn't want to go, but then they will start asking me why, and they wont stop till I go. I sighed - I'll just go and sit there till I go home. I wasn't really in a mood for dancing. I wasn't really in the mood for anything.
"Sure. Ivone, wanna go together?" she looked at me with apologies and said quietly "Um, I can't...Josh is taking me there...Sorry, Cris." I felt Mike's hand around me "I'll drive you, baby, don't worry." he said with a smirk and pulled me closer to him. Great! Not only is Josh going to use Ivone, the girl that recently started hanging out with us, and break her heart, but I'm also going to be alone in a car with my horrny ex boyfriend. I looked at Thomas with beg in my eyes but he pointed to Angela at the table behind us. Guess Elisabeth wasn't making up stuff this morning. That's a first one.

I looked at Josh and Ivone who were whispering something to each other. There goes another one that he's going to break in half. He was my best friend, but I just don't understand how he can be shallow like this. He didn't even noticed her till she got highlights and started wearing sluttier clothes, and he will be noticing her only till the next Friday.
But, I didn't feel bad for her. I didn't feel anything. I just looked at them.
Why do I have to be like this? Why can't I feel anything? It's just....It's like I'm just a shell, a dark empty box.

We started walking back to class, we had almost every one together - except Eric.
"Hey, you dropped this..." I turned back. There was a cute guy holding my math book. I never saw him before, he must be new here. Mike glared at him as I took the book back.
"Um, thanks. You're new here?" I tried to be polite.
My eyes videned in surprise when I saw disgust in his eyes. He sneered quietly "No. I'm goingg to this school for three years, just like you. And I have five different classes with you. But, I guess that doesn't mean anything to our Ms Popularity." He said that with so much bitter I felt like every word was cutting me. He turned and walked away without looking back.
"Who was that, Cristy?" Elisabeth asked me "Is he new here?"
I was still looking at where he was just a second before. I couldn't move or say anything.
I guess Josh wasn't the shallowest person here.

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