Hold Me, Don't Drop Me.

Hold Me, Don't Drop Me.

ok, guys...so this isn't really a love story...well it kinda is but it's not about love. it's not happy either.
hope u'll like it

Chapter 1

She never stops talking

"Hey, girl! Uh-oh, do you know what happened with Thomas and Angela?..." I sighed as she continued her story, and put the best fake smile I could. Gosh. She never shuts up.
This was my ordinary morning. I come to school as sneaky as possible, Elisabeth somehow finds me and starts her usual gossip-chat that lasts till classes start, and sometimes even till lunch.
So why am I listening to her? I don't know. I just shut off and nod my head. That's probably everything I did in last couple of months.I shut down and go somewhere in my mind, not thinking about anything really. It's just...easier that way.
"Cristy! Hey, Cristy!" I heard behind me and turned hopping Ellisabeth would stop talking for a bit. My head already started to hurt from her squeaky voice.
I saw Mike, Josh and Thomas running towards Ellisabeth and me. It didn't took them long to catch up with us, mostly cause everybody would get out their way when they see them. I guess they're afraid of them - they're 'the Jocks', as others called them.
Most of the people would get out of my way too, though I wasn't a football player. They called me "Ms Popularity", wouldn't even talk to me. Even if they did they did it just to be seen talking to that popular girl and not to Cristy.
Mike kissed my cheek and put his arm around me. "Hey, baby. Where were you last night?" he asked me as we started walking to our class. He was my boyfriend for a couple of months, till he cheated on me. Now, he wanted me to be with him again, I knew that. I'm just not gonna give him what he wants.
"I wasn't feeling good, so I stayed at home. How was at the Jessica's party?" I knew how it was before they said anything.
"It was awesome! We all got drunk and high..." "...and some of us got laid!" Thomas started and Josh finished, giving high-fives to each other. I sighed.
This was same as last weekend, and the one before that...It's like all their lives were just alcohol, drugs and sehx. It's like it was my life too.
"Are you okay, Cris? You seem a little lost." Josh asked me. I smiled to him. He was the biggest player in our school, but he was a great friend. Beside, he was the sanest one here.
"Yeah, Josh...I was just thinking about something...So, Ellisabeth, what happened next?" I said trying to change the subject. I succeeded, because in a second, she started blurbing about 'the biggest thing whole month'. Yey me.

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