Missing Girl-  (READ INTRO)

Missing Girl- (READ INTRO)

The girl in this story is taken by a man and trafficked around New York. She somehow overcomes all that happened to her, escapes, and leads a successful life. As for the s** traffickers, well they never get caught and resume trafficking after the story dies down. If I get enough comments and thumbs up, I will make another. Enjoy! :D

Chapter 1

Always at a Distance

by: JACY
"Honey, wake up! You are going to miss school!"
"Urrrrrggghh," Kaytlinne hates Mondays. Nothing can be worse than having a weekend full of old horror movies all alone in your room, doing homework at the last minute, forgetting to call back your best friend, then waking up early one morning realizing that the whole thing has been a waste of time.
"I'm coming, mom," Kaytlinne jumps out of bed and throws on some old clothes from the dirty laundry. Hurrying down the stairs and into the kitchen gives her just enough time to grab a piece of toast and hurry of to school.
"Wait! Don't forget your lunch, dear," Says Mrs. Kutler.
"Thanks, mom!" Shouts Kaytlinne as she rushes out the door.

A warm, breezy, autumn day. Perfect weather for he is doing. Watching her run along, hair flying behind her, dropping books all over the ground. Funny, really, how she does that most every time. How he wishes he could help her. But that would give him away.
Always the same bench. Always the same girl. But never the same time. She really messes with his head when she is either late or early. But he knows he can be late on Mondays. The worst of her days, he can tell. And that's okay, because it gives him time to wander around the rest of the neighborhood.
Of course, he wouldn't have to do this much longer. Only a couple of days before she is his for the taking. About time. He has been watching her for months. All his work will soon pay off.
But he can't get to close. He must stay at a distance. If someone notices him, it will all be over. Nothing more to do then move on. And he didn't want to move on. So he stays at a distance. Always at a distance.


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