Magical Unicorns

Hi! Just to be clear, paramore789 is The Blue Unicorn, Aeros is The Orange Unicorn, pablo33 is The Green Unicorn, thehamster is The Black Unicorn, Sonicxrules is The Yellow Unicorn and iluvme1234678 is The Purple Unicorn. Sorry if you posted something on the question, but you were too late. Sorry! Please comment and rate! Just let me know when you wanna write the next chapter!

Chapter 1


Blue Unicorn's POV
"We are The Magical Unicorns!" we all yelled. There are six of us. Best friends forever. There's me, I'm Blue Unicorn, Orange Unicorn, Green Unicorn, Black Unicorn, Yellow Unicorn and Purple Unicorn. Each of us is very different from the others. Somehow we're friends anyway. I think the other unicorns can speak for themselves, but let's talk about me first. Well, I'm blue. Some character traits to describe me are: creative, unique, passionate, entertaining, very funny. I love to laugh and have fun with my friends. We have been best friends for like, forever. We all have a very special bond. We met one at a time, really. The way we met was kind of strange, but we'll talk about that later. Unicorns tend to only hang out with other unicorns, but we're not like that. None of us is that much like the other unicorns. Like I said, we're best friends, but we're all different. We live in Magic Rainbow Fields. There are no people around here. We all can tell great stories. That's one of the gifts we have as friends. We're really more like family. Us unicorns have gone through a lot. Together, we're going to tell you a story of our greatest journey. On this journey we've met magic bananas and many other creatures. Obviously, this story doesn't start with Once Upon a Time, or end with Happily Ever After. It's just not that kind of story.
It all started when we saw some weird gadget on the ground. "I wonder what it could be.." I said. "Maybe a remote to a TV." said Orange Unicorn. "I doubt it." Green Unicorn could be a little negative sometime. Black Unicorn decided to make a joke: "Maybe it will bring a box of donuts to us!" We all laughed. Everybody could tell the Yellow Unicorn was laughing the loudest. As nicknames, we just call each other by our colors. Like, I'm Blue and the other unicorns are, Orange, Green, Black, Yellow and Purple. "I'm not sure what it is." Purple added. "I know, maybe it's a time portal!' I said. We all laughed, again, Yellow laughed the loudest. Surprisingly, my little joke was right.
Once we figured out it actually was a time portal, we looked it over. "How do you think it got here?" Orange was always curious. "Maybe it wants to take us to the land of burritos!" I said. Black and I laughed. We loved jokes. "It's a time portal. Nobody said it would take us to a new place." Green said. Out of all of us, Green was the most serious. "I bet it will." Purple said. Purple is pretty optimistic. You can learn a lot about our personalitys just by listening to us. That's another thing I love about my friends. Suddenly, we all felt like we were moving. By then, we were sure it was a time portal.

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