The awesome life of a wolf named martini (Jacob black love story)

Runs coustom motorcycle shop w/dad
She's leader of pack
I have the best dad in the world, my mom left when I was a baby. I never knew her but I knew she was birthday is may 22. I am 18 this year. I run a coustom bike shop with my dad. I am the chief of a wolf pack in the small town of Laggota (not real) we have been having some vampire problems like major ones and so I called up my cousin Sam from the la push reservation and his pack to help out.

Chapter 1

Airports are like people, REALLY ANNOYING !!!!!!!!

by: RoxxyBabe
I went to pick up Sam and his posse in my 2011 blue lifted pick up truck extended cab and extended bed. I got to the airport and walked towards terminal b waiting on a chair. All of a sudden someone picks me up throwing me in the air. When I land I see that it's my cousin sam and run to hug him. Finally he let's go of my and starts laughing as if hearing the funniest joke. "Martini, only you could become a werewolf and still have no weight, muscle or height." I pout. Walking away. I smack his arm when he walks up to me with the rest of his pack.After gathering their bags I toss Sam the car keys. He looks at me questionably. "Legally I am not allowed to drive sooo yeah. Someone can sit up there with you then there are two seats in back. I'll sit in the bed with whoever. And Michaela will sit in the truck. Such a princess." she is my bffaeaeae. Best friend forever and ever and ever and ever! I hop in the bed settling down on the tire and pulling out my blackberry curve green blue. I look around to see who else would be sitting with me. A boy about my age held out his hand looking bewildered, " I..... Uhhhh I'm Jacob. This is Leah, Seth, Embry and Quil." he studdeered pointing everyone out in turn. 


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