Double Trouble

Griffin Claw and Raven Dor
Griffin is a popular Ravenclaw, and Raven is a shy Gryffindor. They are a year younger than Fred and George, a year older than Ron, Harry and Hermione.

Chapter 3


We all headed to the courtyard. "Ok, we need good lighting." Griffin, as usual, put herself in charge. I sat back as she looked around for what we needed. "Ok, whos going first?" "Does it matter?" "It'll just look the same." Griffin and i shrugged. "Thats just how we do things. One at a time then all together." They looked at each other and Fred stepped forward. "Great, ok. Griffin, give 'im a pose." She nodded and got to work. He ended up leaning against the wall, looking like he was up to something.
"Is the devilsh smile, really necessary?" "Yes it is. And you will keep that smile until Raven is finished. Right Raven?" "Uh, yeah." I started sketching him. "Ok, its not finished. I'll do the details later, you look a bit restless. Im done." He slouched and walked over to George. "Thanks mate, standing like that kinda hurts after a while, you know what i mean?" "Yeah, i guess it would."
"Ok George!" He groaned and walked over to Griffin. He ended up layed out on the bench, looking up at the sky. I glared at Griffin. She just loved maknig me have to work. "Ok, how are we gonna do this? I need to see you from above, but im kinda not tall enough to get a good look. Griffin?" "Well, maybe you can- Wait!" She took out her wand. "Wingardium Leviosa." I was lifted off the ground. I yelped in surprise and grabbed my pencil before it fell.
"Ok, thats better, but a little arning next time would be nice." She shrugged and i went to work. Everytime i looked back up to get a better look he was staring at me. I blushed and looked back down at the sketch. "Uh, you have to be looking off to the side. Not at me." I kept on drawing until i had the basic sketch down. "Ok, i think im done." I looked at Griffin. "Now, if you would be so kind as to let me down." She put her wand away and i fell to the ground, George caught me before i got hurt.
I looked over at Griffin. "Maybe a little more gently next time." She smiled and shrugged. I looked up at George, realizing we were face to face and quickly stood up properly and wiped the dirt off of my black skirt. "Uh, thanks, you know, for saving me." "Oh, it was no problem." I nodded and sat down, getting ready to finish off the sketches. Then i shadow went over me. I looked up and a first year Slytherin was looking at me.
"Uh...." "Would you like to draw someone worth while?" "Im kinda busy right now so....." He knocked my sketch book out of my hands and i looked up at him angrily. "Why did you do that?" "Well, if you arent drawing something worth your time, why draw at all?" I stood up. "That was my sketch book!" Griffin came over and stood beside me. "No one besides me has ever touched her sketch book and survived. So, i suggest you run."
He looked between Griffin and i and smirked. "I dont believe that." He put his hand on our shoulders and i calmed. "You know, you're right." "Great, twins. Draco likey." He put an arm around each of us, and i wracked my brain for a spell or hex or something.
I held up my wand were he couldnt see it as we started walking. And i whispered just under my breath. "Eat slugs." He flew back from it and Griffin looked at me. "Eat slugs?" I nodded and we ran over to him. "Thats what you get when you touch her sketch book!" I smirked as we walked back to the twins, listening to him cough up slugs. George handed me my sketch book and i smiled. "Thanks." "Nice job with the slugs." "Thank you."
We left and i sat in the hallway finishing the sketches. The twins were on either side of me, watching as i sketched. I was blushing the whole time, and Griffin went off to talk to some of her friends. I stifled a giggle as that Draco kid walked by with a bucket half-full of slugs and filling fast. "Ok, im done Freds, Fred, can you find Griffin and give it to her?" He nodded and took it with him to find her.
I kept on drawing George, knowing that he was right beside me, close enough so i could hear him breath. My cheeks were hot and probably red. I struggled to keep my hands from trembling as i finished the sketch. I felt his arm behind me, on the bench and i scooched over a little bit. "Hey! I want to watch." "Why dont you....... go prank someone....... over there." He sighed and got up, tripping a Slytherin boy on his way down the hall.
I finished the last line and got up to look for Griffin. She was in the Library drawing a backround. I looked over her shoulder and saw her drawing little hearts around Fred. "Uh, Griffin?" She quickly covered the picture. "Huh, what?" "The George one is finished. I think maybe you shouldnt show those hearts to Fred, if you know what i mean." "Oh, yeah, i was just...... daydreaming." "About Fred?" "Well- Yeah."
"You gonna ask him out?" She nodded. "When?" "When i fell like it. Now stop being nosy, and give me the drawing of George." I sighed and handed it over. "Now go." I went back out to find Rhythm or George or Fred or find something to do. "Aw! Stinkbombs!" I was about to peek around the corner to see what had happened and i was tackled to the ground. "Ow." "Sorry- Oh hi Raven." "Weasley!" He looked back and helped me up. "We better run." "What?" "Run!" He pulled me behind him as some kids ran after us.
"George!?!" "Dont ask, just run." We ended up outrunning them and hiding in a dark unused hallway. I slunk down laughing. "What did you do?" "Threw some stinkbombs in the Slytherin common room." "George!" "Hey, you said to go prank someone." I just kept laughing and we sat there for a bit. "So, Raven..." "Hm?" "Raven, George! There you are!" I looked up and saw Fred and Griffin. "Hey." "Why are you here?" I pointed at George. "I flung some stinkbombs in the Slytherin common room." "Nice one!" We sat there talking until it was time to head to class. I waved good bye to Fred and Griffin as we headed to Divinations.

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