Double Trouble

Griffin Claw and Raven Dor
Griffin is a popular Ravenclaw, and Raven is a shy Gryffindor. They are a year younger than Fred and George, a year older than Ron, Harry and Hermione.

Chapter 2

New Begining

I got to the Ravenclaw table and sat down next to my friend named Julie. "Hey Griffin!" She said with her forever present smile. "Hi Jules how was your summer?" "Great! I spent a lot of time at home though." "I went all around the world!" Said her other friend Claudia. "How...nice." I say. I look over to Raven and I catch her eye. I smile and go back to talking with my friends. Seeing she made some friends. As we walk up the stairs to our dorm I listen to Claudia bable about going to ireland, but I can't help but think of Fred. I wonder if we have any classes together. I hang out by the fire place with Claudia, Julie, and my guy friend named Matt. We talk about our summers once more and what we are going to do this year. I eventuaally get tired and we all go to our beds. The next morning I make my way to potions. I see Fred and exciting walk over to him. "Hi!" "Hey how's school so far?" He asks. " well.. school. But good! Whas your sceduale?" I ask taking mine out. He looks over them. "We have this and transfiguration together." He looks dissapointed. "Its at least something."
The rest of the day goes by quickly. I have every class with Dmetri. Boyfriend from last year. He is the only thing now that makes me mad. He kept on smiling at me. Fred made fun of him in transfiguration. Which I enjoyed.
Fred and I walk back to the dorms because we have a free period. We run into Raven and George. "Hi!" Raven says waving. I smile "Hey! George! Raven! What's up? "We were just bringing our books back to the dorm, we have a free block right now." My eyes widend. "Us too! Wanna hang out in the court yard?" "And do what?" She asks. "I don't know", I smile,"......Raven?" "I could draw you all?" She asks quietly.
"Draw?" We all walk together toward Griffindor Tower. "Oh I didn't tell you guys? Raven can draw,like,really good too!" I tell them all anout her awesome drawing skills.
Raven says the pass word for the fat lady and some girls give me dirty looks. They have always done that though. I never understood why. Fred and george go put their books away and Raven and I put our books in her room. I will come back for mine later.
"Raven?" I ask. "Yea?" "What do you think of Fred and George?" I say biting my lip. She blushes. "I think...their ...nice and funny." I smile big because I know this means she likes George. "Well I like Fred. A lot. He's cute." She looks at me. "Well we should go back downstairs." I walk towards the door. "Okay! They are probably waiting." I turn and take a few skips down the halll and turn around to look at Raven. "Come skip with me!" I can't skip down stairs!" "Sure you can!" "No." She walks down the stairs. I look at her and smile. We meet Fred and George by the end of the stairs.

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