Double Trouble

Griffin Claw and Raven Dor
Griffin is a popular Ravenclaw, and Raven is a shy Gryffindor. They are a year younger than Fred and George, a year older than Ron, Harry and Hermione.

Chapter 11


I looked around the room, searching for the others. I found a note on Rhythms bed. /Dear Ray,
We have all gone on a little......... Quest to the Hufflepuff dorms, where most of the Durmstrang boys are staying. We knew you wouldnt have wanted to come, so you have the whole dorm to yourself tonight.
Amy, Tara, Suzi, Kaya, May, Julie and Rhythm.
P.S. And maybe the next few nights if we're lucky....../

I rolled my eyes and put the note back on her bed. Then i did the usual routine of getting ready for bed. Maybe i should get Fred, George and Griffin in here for a sleepover...... Im not too good by myself. "Hey." I spun, startled by the voice in the silent. Then i smiled. "Oh, hey Coby. What are you doing here?" He held up his hand, which was holding Georgia. "Delivery service." I blushed. "Well, you can put her over in her cage. Shut the door on your way out." He came in and closed the door a little bit behind him, then he put Georgia in her cage and sat on my bed.
"Where are the rest of the girls?" "Stalking other Durmstrang boys." I said absentmindedly as i gathered my hair into a braid. "So....... You're alone?" I nodded, not really liking where this was going. "Oh! I forgot to shut the door!" "Why would you shut the door?" "Privacy." He said as he shut the door. His voice sounded different, smooth and low. "Coby?" "You know," He said as he slid beside me. "At first, when i met you the whole toad thing turned me off." I was really regreting wearing my thin short night gown now.
"As it should." "Yes, then i got to know how devious you can be." "D-devious." "Yes, and that made me want you even more." He put a hand on my leg and got closer to me. I laughed nervously and squirmed away, gently pushing his hand off. "Aw, come on, love. Have a little fun." "If you wanted a-an evil slut, then you should have gone to the Slytherin tower." "I like the view here better." He leaned in for a kiss and i slapped him. He got up. "What the bloody hell!" I got up too.
"Get out." I whispered. "Make me." I took out my wand and examined it. "You know, i've never used any unforgivable curses." Then i looked back up at him. "But hey, theres a first time for everything." He rubbed his cheek and marched over to the door. "You know, those two stupid redheads can have you. Too damn proud to shag a little." "Those two redheads have names you know." "Whatever. Just know that- to the rest of the people here- we are still together. See you later kid." He slammed the door and i listened to him stomping down the stairs. I sighed and put my wand away. "They arent stupid......... mostly."
Then i heard someone coming and wiped my face a little. "Hey sis!" Griffin bounded in, all happy as usual. It kinda scared me a little, i didnt think it would be her. Then i relaxed and smiled at her. "Hi." "So..." She sat beside me. "Are you now with... Coby?" I couldnt say no, it would look a bit suspicious. "Yeah! We're totally together!" "Oh.." I could tell she was thinking it over. "Are you sure?" No! We are not together! I wouldnt want to go near that kid with a ten foot pole now! "Well, not totally.. But, you know..."
She looked into my eyes, and i quickly looked away. "So, i have the place to myself tonight. Wanna go get the twins for a sleepover party type thingy?" "Sure." "Great, i'll get things ready while you get them." She left and i tidied things up a little bit, threw the note in the fire and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I cant tell them. I wont tell them. They dont need the extra burden. They need to be happy. What with the Yule Ball coming up soon. The dancing is tomorrow. That'll be fun at least. Something we wont be doing with the other schools at least-
Then someone picked me up and spun me around. "Ah!" I choked on toothpaste as they let me down. "Sorry 'bout that Vena." "Fred!" I felt my back and it was soaked. "Why are you wet?" Then the others squeezed their way into the bathroom. George was wet too and he hugged me. I squirmed away. "Oh look at that, thats just great. Now im wet on both sides! Why are you guys so wet?" They glared at Griffin. "Why dont you ask her?" She shrugged and we both laughed. "Well get on outta here. I'd like to brush my teeth in peace. Besides, this bathroom wasnt meant to hold this much people."
I pushed them all out and went on brushing my teeth. After i was finished i went out and saw lying George on Suzi's bed. "Where are Griffin and Fred?" "Talking down in the common room." I smiled nervously and sat on my bed. "Are you sure its wise to leave your girl with Fred? I mean, we just broke up and hes mighty lonely." "Yeah, about that....." He sat up and looked over at me. "We were never together." "What?" "Didnt she tell you, when she came to see you?" He grinded my teeth and looked away. "She might have forgotten to mention that." "Oh, well, im telling you now."
"But......" I thought for a moment. "Why?" "To get Fred jealous." "Oh." For some reason, i was dissapointed. "Well, they're probably shamelessly flirting down there." "Yeah." We laughed for a minute then the other two came up. "Guess what?" "Hm." "Since its a sleepover....." Griffin whipped out an empty firewhiskey bottle. "Party games!!!" We all groaned as she forced us to sit in a circle. "Ok, who wants to go first?" She looked at us for a while then awkwardly put it down. "I guess i'll go first."
She spun it and it landed on me. I blushed. "M-maybe you should s-sp-spin it again?" She nodded and spun it again. It landed on Fred. George and i 'Ooooh'd mockingly as they kissed. They kissed for a while, then eventually started snogging. I tried not to giggle, but couldnt help it. I buried my face in Georges shoulder to prevent myself from doing so. "Hey, Raven! Just came to- Well hello there. Didnt expect to cme in on a twin love session." I quickly shuffled away from George and saw that Fred and Griffin were still snogging.
I looked at my wrist, pretending there was a watch there. "Tick tock people. Other twins would like to do something else than watch you two snogging all over the floor. Besides, someone is here!" They parted, smiling like idiots. "No need to stop. Just getting some pjs. You four lovebirds just continue on what you were doing." I got up to protest. "We're not lovebirds." I blushed. "Then what was with the cuddling?" "W-we werent cuddling. I just...... hid my face so i wouldnt laugh." "Laugh at what?" I pointed to Fred and Griffin.
"Well then, they seem a little unashamed of what had just happened." She grabbed some pjs and left. "Have fun for the next few days!" She sang out behind her. I looked back at them. "I think that game is out."

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