Double Trouble

Griffin Claw and Raven Dor
Griffin is a popular Ravenclaw, and Raven is a shy Gryffindor. They are a year younger than Fred and George, a year older than Ron, Harry and Hermione.

Chapter 1

More Twins

Griffin and i entered an empty compartment and got comfortable. "I cant believe this is our second year!" "Yeah, i might actually make a friend this year..." "Oh cheer up Ray, i offered to introduce you to some people-" Then the door opened and two red heads burst in. "Fred, stop it!" Then they realized we were here and looked up.
"Oi, George. You see this?" "Its like im seeing double." "Except, she-" One of them pointed to me, the one known as George. "She looks more.... different." "Uhm, we have names. Im Griffin Claw, thats my sister, Raven Dor." "Hi." I waved slightly and went back to reading. George sat beside me and Fred beside Griffin. "Fred and George Weasley. Havent met another set of twins yet." "So why do you have different last names?" "I took our fathers last name, Joey Claw. Raven took our mothers last name, Min Dor." "You know, if you switched, then it would be Griffin Dor and Raven Claw." We all laughed and i put down my book. "Nice to meet you guys."
"You too." We all shook hands and talked most of the way, then the candy trolley came. "Hey, how about those jelly beans in every flavor?" "Great, we'll take some of those." The rest of the time we tested out what the jelly beans tasted like. It wasnt too bad, for Griffin and i, but Fred and George got some pretty nasty ones.
We finally got to Hogwarts and sat at our tables, i waved good bye to Griffin and sat beside George and Fred. We watched the first years come in, and one of them looked nervous and scared, like i did when i first came here. After it was all over, we headed to the common room. I was walking with Fred and George. "So, i didnt know you were in Gryffindor." "Yeah, why havent we seen you before?" I shrugged. "I dont get around much." We lounged around on the couch and the boy from before sat at the chair across from us.
"Hi." I waved. "Neville Longbottom." "Uh, Raven Dor. Nice to meet you." "Have any of you seen my toad, Trevor? I've lost him again." "Well, I-" A toad hopped up beside me and croaked in my ear. I shrieked and jumped up, grabbing it and taking a deep breath. I turned to Neville and held out the toad. "This is yours?" "Uh, yeah." I sat down, emberassed and they all talked as i read.
Then it was time to go to bed. I sighed and got up, waving to them and heading to my dorm room. A few girls were there, and i saw my friend from last year, Rhythm. I waved as she talked with another girl. She smiled and waved back, then went back to talking. I fell asleep with the clothes i currently had on. I was really tired.
The next day i woke up and got out my schedule. Transfigurations first, oh joy. Then after that was Care of Magical creatures, DADA, lunch and so on and so forth. I stretched and got ready. After that i headed down to breakfast, careful to stay out of any Slytherins way.
I sat awkwardly across from the boy from last night, Neville. "Hi." "Uh, hi." We ate silently until Fred and George plopped themselves on either side of me. "Hey, Raven." "Whats up?" "Im.... eating." "Really? I would never have known. Would you have, George?" "Nope, could never have guessed." I smiled. "Just get some food." They piled their plates high with food and i glanced over at Griffin at the Ravenclaw table. I thought, Help me, knowing she would understand. For some reason, like other twins seem to be like, we knew what the other was feeling. Right now i felt crowded and i dont like feeling crowded.
She nodded, then went back to talking to her friends. I got the message though. I was making friends, good for me. Whatever. I scoffed and ate more food. After breakfast i went straight to Transfigurations, not stopping to talk to anyone, not even Griffin. I sat at a desk by myself, when someone plopped down beside me. I didnt turn to look. "Hey." It was familiar. I turned and saw George. I smiled and put my book down.
"Hi George." "So, you have Transfigurations too?" I nodded. "Here, let me see your schedule." I gave it to him and he smiled as he read them. "We have everything but Care of Magical creatures together." He gave it back to me. "So we'll be seeing a lot of each other for the next year." I nodded. "So.... Raven. I was wondering if-" "Time for class." We looked up and the teacher was sitting, getting things organized at their desk.
"First we will turn an animal into a book." All of our animals were put in front of us. Padme was put in front of me. She was an albino pigmy owl. No real reason for her being Padme, besides the fact that im obsessed with Star Wars, although its a muggle thing. We all tried to do it the whole class, very few of us got it right, i did, but i couldnt change her back to i ended up having to take her around all day. The rest of the day was jusr like any day, boring yet full of magic.
I was walking with George to drop our books off at our dorms because we had a free block [or period or whatever, i use block. DONT JUDGE ME] and saw Griffin and Fred. I waved. "Hi." "Hey! George! Raven! Whats up?" "We were just bringing our books to the dorm, we have a free block right now." "Us too. Wanna hang out in the courtyard?" "And do what?" "I dont know..... Raven?" "I can try drawing all of you...."
"Draw?" We started walking to the Gryffindor tower. "Oh, i didnt tell you guys? Raven can draw, and, like, really good too." "I cant draw backrounds." "Well, yeah, but your people and animals are amazing." "She draws backrounds." "Yup." She went on about what i was good at and what she was good at it until we got to the painting. We gave the Fat Lady the password and entered, some kids giving Griffin dirty looks. That always happens though.

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