can you guys read this? its important

swear words are spelt backwards

Chapter 1

i thought we were supose to be friends!

one of my best friends has fictionpress and i made an account and i read a story... it was about her life and she turned around and said:

'Well today was stupid... This morning, I had a Computer Skills Exam for my School Certificate. Yeah I know it sounds nerdy but I didn't choose this... everyone in my grade does it. So I finished this exam half an hour early and I got stuck sitting in a car park with this really annoying girl (don't get me wrong, she's nice and all... but she won't shut up!) she wouldn't stop talking about Play Station and Spyro games. Weird yes, especially for a Sixteen year old girl but she can't help it. She's a weird person.
For my next class, I had Science with that annoying girl I was talking about before... I think her name is Lily or whatever. Like I could gnikcuf care less. She sat there going on about how she was trying to win the latest Spyro game on Wii. I had my chin resting on my palm and I stared at the movie that was playing. I nodded my head a few times to give her the intention that I was paying attention. I know what you're thinking. Why couldn't I just ignore her? Well, because the last time I ignored her she practically had a spaz attack and started throwing around tables... No joke
I'm in Maths at the moment. It was really interesting hanging out with Yvonne and her friends. You remember that annoying girl I told you about? Yeah well she's Yvonne's friend. I know... weird. I found out today that Lily is actually a very depressed person. Her mother had her when she was just fifteen and she did drugs and she got married at the age of twenty one to a sixty year old man. They had a son named Jason, Lily's half brother or step brother if you will. Her step father actually cares more about her than her own mother. That's another weird thing.
Yvonne's life is pretty messed up too. Her parents hate her because she was never baptised. They think of her as the devil's child. Her brother, the biggest sinner this world will ever see, got his girl friend knocked up and they had a baby boy names Jason, coincidence huh? But that's not the scary part.Yvonne also has this friend named Clover. She is a total tomboy but I love her style. She had bleach blonde hair (natural) with pink under her bangs. She always wears eyeliner and she's the rebel of the school. Her life is also bad... Her father is an alcoholic; he beats her and her mother. Her brothers both finished university and are never home. Her brothers' names are Patric and Jason.
It's been a while yes. So many things have happened. I had a fight with Lily and we aren't talking to each other but surprising enough, Yvonne and Clover actually want me to hit her. I have never been the violent type but seriously Lily is that crazy!
The thing that has been bothering me the most this summer is that two days ago I met Yvonne's.... Boy friend..? They aren't official yet but they make out and what not. So yeah I met Kyle and I have to admit, he's super hot and super nice. We became friends... He's nineteen and he smokes... but still, he's hot.
And I probably shouldn't tell Yvonne this but.... kyle and I... kissed!! It was nothing really, it was like a peck... only with tongue...' this girl was my friend since 2007 and this was written last year near the end. and she talked about me like i was phsyco but im not! and now im crying so much cause i thought i could trust her


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