Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

Forever Yours. - A Draco Malfoy Love Story.

I've always known for these stories to be super popular and I've decided to chuck mine on here which you can also find on Quizilla. So feel free to read my first chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter One.

"Oh, okay. Well, I'll just end up seeing you at breaks and stuff." I sighed, slouching in my chair and looking out of the window. She had a right to take up different hours after what happened last year. She and I ended up causing alot of trouble in classes. And it was Bella who ended up in more trouble than I did. Her mum probably made her move into different hours since the trouble effected her school work aswell as herself.

I happen to have fallen asleep and Bella took ages trying to wake me up since the train had halted at the train station by Hogwarts. I groaned as she shook, trying her hardest to wake me up. She started hissing in my ear which made it tingle. I finally got sat up and let out a yawn.

"Finally! We'd need a foghorn to wake you up." She shook her head at me. "Hurry up, everyone's gone now. We'll probably end up on the boats." Bella snapped at me, yanking my arm. I got up and we jogged out of the train. As we got to the end of the train, I noticed that all of the blinds in one cart were down. They're usually pulled up before everyone gets off.

"Wait a second. The blinds are down." I pointed out to Bella who raised an eyebrow. "So?" She sighed, giving me a weird look. "I mean that they're usually pulled up before anyone gets off." I continued, sighing at her.

"Oh," She gaped," It doesn't matter. Let's go. I'm really hungry."

"All right, c'mon." I grinned at her, forgetting about the whole thing. We made it to the gates then received a lecture from Proffesser Flitwick. He then asked for our names.

"Sir, I'm pretty sure you know our names." I smirked at him then he shot me a look.

"I'm aware of that, Miss. Lotus." Flitwick snapped at me in his high-pitched voice. He then glared at me, waiting for me to give him my name.

I rolled my eyes. "Rayna Lotus." He then scribbled my name down. Bella was next, who too rolled her eyes.

"Bella Callan." She spoke then smirked at me. "What the hell was that for?" She asked me in tone of curiousity. I shrugged and half-smiled at her, only lifting one side of my mouth to the side. Next thing we knew Harry Potter went past the gates with a bloody and misplaced nose. We turned to him with our brows raised. Luna was beside him with odd glasses in her hand and the Quibbler magazine.

"Woah, who'd you piss off this time?" Bella asked, shaking her head at him. Harry let out a weak laugh.

"Uh, no-one." He replied, glaring at Draco who walked past with his father's walking stick. "It doesn't matter anyway, just fell." Harry was the worst of liars.

"You fell and broke your nose?" I asked him in disbelief. "Really, Harry? Or did Draco just decide to give you a smack in the face?" I shook my head, looking over to him with a scowl.

"Was it that easy to tell?" He asked, groaning. Luna had managed to put his nose back into place.

"Easy? It was simple. The way you glared at him. And he was giving you looks that could kill." I sighed, folding my arms as I saw an ogre looking through our belongings. "Ehhh. Hang on! Since when did they do searches!?" I snapped, ready to charge over to the ogre and rant at him but Bella held me back.

"Dumbledore'll have a reason for that. He always has one for odd happenings." Bella assured me, making me feel a little more comfortable. But my ears were burning hot, like they usually do when I'm angry. And I also felt a little embarassed because of the things in my suitcase.. which I don't really want to talk about. I sighed and let the situation go, getting me irritated even more.

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