Not for me (a ponyboy curtis love story)

Okay well Im using the descriptions from the movie, cuz I think it will be easier that way, and the story somewhat follows the book, but kinda not. Same events, just some time in between. Comments and suggestions are appreciated!!!!! Anyway, just hope ya like it..................

Chapter 1

Meeting Him

"Leave me alone!" a familiar voice screamed from downstairs. It sounded like my sister. I hopped out of bed and took off toward the yelling.
"Calm down!" another voice, deeper than the other slurred.
Peeking out from our hall, I saw my sister's boyfriends back. I watched the little fight, trying not to breathe.
"Jenny!" I heard my Mom whisper and grabbed my hand. "What are you doing down here? Are you making that noise?"
Signaling with my hands, I tried to point towards my fighting sibling, but they had heard us. My sister's fiery hair poked out from the kitchen.
"Sherri!" Mom exclaimed, "What are you doing?"
Cherry stared at Mom, and then burst into tears, running up to her room.
Just then, my dad came rumbling down the stairs. "What happened?" he mumbled.
Mom looked at me, "Go get your sister, Jenny." I sighed and headed up the stairs to Cherry's room. I wanted to see what Dad was going to do to Bob. Who really cares, though?
I knocked on the door, and heard Cherry mutter,"Come in."
She was crying on her carpet, her makeup running down her face.
"You okay?" I asked, and she nodded her head. "Whats wrong, then?"
"Well," she began, "Tonight Marcia and I were at the movies and Bob and Randy got drunk, so me and Marcia left. We sat with these greasers that we met and there was this boy, Ponyboy Curt-"
"Wait," I interrupted her, "Ponyboy?"
She glared at me, "Yes, Ponyboy. And I like that name. It fits him. Besides, you never said anything about that Sodapop."
"Well, Sodapop interesting. Ponyboy is just weird."
"Ponyboy is Sodapop's little brother. He's really sweet, too."
I frowned. I wonder if he looks like his brother, cause that Soda Curtis dreamy! "Whatever. Just continue!" I said.
She started talking again." Ponyboy was really nice, and his friends were this Johnny boy and Two-bit, and Dallas Winston."
"You were with Dallas Winston?" I asked, astonished. He was a greaser with a bad rep. He stole, swore, killed, just plain white trash. I couldn't picture my sister hanging around with that. He was awful.
"Yeah. He left before the movie was over. While we were walking home with Two-bit, Johnny, and Ponyboy, we saw Randy and Bob. They got out of the car and almost got into a fight and Two-bit pulled a knife and Pony had a busted bottle," she stopped and drew a shaky breath, "Nothing happened, though. It almost did. I told Ponyboy that I might not speak to him at school, and he didn't bat a lash. His blushed a bit, though." Cherry smiled softly, but it disappeared right away. "I'm such a jerk. All I care about is myself and my reputation. He was such a nice boy, just in a bad place!" she started crying again.
"Hey, calm down. Its ok." I put my arm around her. "Im sure he doesn't think that." She didn't seem to be listening. I just sat there and she cried and cried for about ten minutes.
Finally, she spoke. "If I ever see Dallas Winston, Jenny, remind me of what he is."
"Well, what is he?"
"Not for me." she replied simply and gave me a hug. "Thanks for listening, Jenny." Cherry got up and walked to the bathroom, and I heard the shower start.
I'll admit, I've always been a little jealous of Cherry. She was so pretty, and good at everything. Her hair was a gorgeous red, whereas mine was dark brown. My eyes were also brown, and her were green. She also got Bob, who was very handsome and popular. Cherry swore I was gonna be prettier than her one day, but she was probably just trying to make me feel better.
The light downstairs was already off, so I shambled off to my room. Looking out the window, I wondered why this world had to be so cruel to good people.
The next morning, I awoke to the smell of pancakes. I rolled out of bed and took a quick shower. While drying my hair, my memories from last night came rushing back. Poor Cherry.
Mom was setting the table downstairs, and Cherry was already there, looking cheerful.
"Good morning!" she said.
"'Mornin." I said cautiously.
After breakfast, I really wanted to go somewhere. Its hard to explain, I just wanted to get out of this house for a couple of hours. I told Mom I was leaving, and she sighed and told me to be careful.
Usually, she would object, but I think last night took a toll on her. Her blue eyes were bloodshot and she yawned every five minutes.
I walked down toward the east side of Tulsa, until I came to the DX station that Sodapop worked at. A bell jingled as I opened the door. It was completely empty.
"Heelloo!" I called. A brown haired guy stuck his head out from behind a door.
"You need somethin? He asked.
"Nah, not really. It just looked deserted and I thought that it might be closed or something." I said, my voice getting smaller and smaller with every word. I wish I wasn't so shy! I get so quiet and lose all personality around rude people. Well, around everyone I don't know, pretty much.
He rolled his eyes."Well call when ya need somethin. I'm workin back here." He stalked off. I just stared. Greasers are so mean and trashy.
"Hey, man!" a different voice said from the other room, "No need to be so harsh!" Then a guy with light brown hair, brown eyes, and a breathtaking smile walked out of the door. There he was. Sodapop Curtis. The boy that even Soc girls talked about.
"Sorry bout him, he's a little cranky today." Soda smiled. "I'm Sodapop." He held out his hand.
I just stared at it. "I kn-now" I finally stuttered, and shook his hand. His smile faded a little but didn't leave his face.
He gestured with his hands, telling me to go on. "And you are?"
"I'm Jenny Valance." I said, "Nice to meet you."
"You too." He seemed so nice! And so cute!
Suddenly, the doorbell jingled again, and three guys walked in.
"Hey Soda." They all said.
"Hey y'all." Soda grinned that grin that made every girls heart stop," This is Jenny" He pointed at me, and the boys sort of nodded their heads at me. "This is my brother, Ponyboy, Two-bit, and Johnny." Ponyboy looked me in the eyes, and then blushed, Johnny did the same, and Two-bit held my gaze with laughing gray eyes. Ponyboy was about my height, with greasy brown hair and green eyes, Two-bit was blond-ish, and Johnny was dark-skinned with black eyes and black hair. He looked kinda scared, too.
"What you doin here talkin to this greaser, Jenny? Shouldn't you be sipping tea with thee high class friends?" He said with an English accent.
"Nah, the privileged give me a headache." I smiled.
Two-bit gave me a look that plainly stated that he thought I was crazy, then started up a conversation with Johnny.
I walked to the back of the store and grabbed a Coke and paid for it.
"Jenny, right?" the rude guy from before asked me as I was getting my change from Soda.
"That's me." I nodded.
"I'm Steve, and I'm sorry bout that." He gulped like that was hard to say, and then walked off.
"It's fine." I called, but he was gone.
I turned around and walked out the door."Bye, y'all!" I said.
About a block down the street I heard someone yelling my name faintly.
"Jenny!" I turned around and saw Ponyboy running toward me.
"Hi." I said when he reached me.
"Hey, Soda overcharged you accidentally," He handed me some money, "Sorry."
"Thanks so much!" I tried to meet his eyes but they were glued to the ground. "So, I heard you met my sister last night." I continued.
Immediately, his head jerked up. "Cherry?" He asked.
"Yep. I'm her little sister."
Ponyboy studied me, and I blushed. "Y'all do kinda look alike." He decided.
"Eh, not really. She's really pretty."
"So are you." he said, and his ears turned bright red. I felt the urge to laugh, and he coughed a little bit.
"Thanks." My voice shook a little, I dunno why." Do you read?" I asked.
"Yeah, I love to."
"I do too. Sometimes it helps to escape for awhile." I said and he looked at me strangely.
"Me too." he slowly said. Another awkward silence hit, and I blushed yet again.
Finally, he broke through the silence. "You're a lot like your sister."
"Is that good or bad?" Why is my voice so shaky today????
"Good, I guess."
"Yup." I rocked back and forth on my heels.
"Well, bye." He said.
"Au revoir." I replied and turned to walk home.
"What?" he asked.
"Its French for goodbye." I said dryly. "I've gotten into a habit of saying that since I heard Cherry say it when I was like five. I thought it sounded cool."
Once again, I turned clumsily only to be stopped.
"Wait! One more thing!" Pony shouted and I looked at him expectantly.
"Um, never mind." he muttered and walked off.
There is a lot going on in that head. I can tell. He's really smart, just shy. He's gonna be someone. Even though he seems a little stuck-up, and maybe even stupid, I'd bet all the money in the world that he's gonna be a billionaire one day. Maybe greasers aren't that bad. Or some aren't, anyway.

Okay forgive me for my feeble attempts at channeling the gang's personalities! The next chapter will be better! Promise! And I live for comments and constructive critisism(sp?)

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