Something Worth Fighting For. (Fred Weasley Love Story)

You are Kiara Malfoy, sister of Draco. But the funny thing is, you are nothing like him, you are a Gryffendor too. You hate Slytherins, especially Draco. You are a Metamorphagus and you have the prettiest eyes ever, So dark blue, they're almost purple.. You are starting your 3rd year with your brother bothering you the whole time. your whole family is upset you got put in Gryffendor and Draco is in Slytherin. But you will fight to stay in Gryffendor. Especially after meeting the Weasley twins...

Chapter 1

Trouble Always Meets Trouble... Always

You are walking towards the train with Draco when a bunch of Gryffendor's see you and then walk over.
"Hey, whats with the kid?" The one who asked pointed to Draco. You sigh,
"sadly, he's my little brother." You turn to look at him, but he was gone. You shrug and go to get on the train. Then someone trips you, a Slytherin obviously. You fall and then you look up after a while to see some really nice looking red-head holding a hand out to help you up.
"You tripped." He said noticing the truth. You shake your head quickly,
"Nope, didn't trip. Gravity just wanted to say hello and make sure I knew Gravity was there." You, being a persistent person, refused the guys hand and stood up. He looked at me,
"I'm Fred Weasley."
"Hi, Kiara Malfoy. Nice to meet you." then I walked past him and sat down in one of the cars. I looked out the window and sighed, everywhere I went, I saw my mother's face. She had died recently and I missed her. She, too, was a wizard and a metamorphagus. I looked in a small hend-held mirror I kept with me and I changed my hair to blonde with forest green tips and bangs. You smile.
"Thats better." You said to yourself, then you heard someone ask you.
"Whats better?" You look up to see that guy again. You roll your eyes,
"What do you want?" He looks confused,
"What do you mean? I've never met you before. thats what I came over here to do. my brother told me about you." You look at him, "oh that makes sense I guess. you look alot like him.. almost had me confused for a moment." You laughed, he looked at you, "I'm George Weasley. And I'm hoping you are Kiara Malfoy, right?" You nod,
"yep. thats me. nice to meet you George." He nods and leaves. You close your eyes and re-open them when you hear,
"Hey Kiara!" You look up to see your best friend, Hope, standing there and you smile.
"Hope! I haven't seen you since last year!" You two hug and she sits down and you two talk.
"Have you seen the Weasley twins?" You ask her, she nods.
"yeah. why?" You look out the window.
"because I just met them today." You look back at her, you see a weird kind of fear on her face, you are confused, "Whats to fear?"
"You are one of the biggest troublemakers and they are too. A meeting like that cannot be good..." You roll your eyes and then you lean back... Soon you are at Hogwarts and you and Hope get off the train. You look around and see Fred and George walking over to you.. Hope looks worried. Then you hear a scream from somewhere and you look at Hope and she nods, saying she heard it too. You look back at Fred and George, they were standing right there, they didn't seem to have heard the scream. You look back at Hope and you both look worried now...

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