Ever After...NOT!!!!

This is the untold stories of some well known Fairytale Girls, who've changed from the stories we know so well!
The stories are set 5 years after what happens in the original stories! Hope you enjoy this twisted fairytale & comment, please!!
SugarKart is Red Hood; Lnyx_Minx is Aurora; Sonicxrules is Goldilocks; kewlgirls is Snow White; Simmo123 is Gretel; thehamster is Alice; XneonstrawberriX is the Ballerina Doll; prettystranger is Rapunzel; And paramore789 is Belle!

Chapter 1

Red Hood POV: Big & Bad

by: Cozy_Glow
Everyone knows the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but not what happened 5 years later! So, I'll tell ya my story!


My Grandma was sick, so mum asked me to go & give her some medicine. I loved the woods & my new boyfriend, Hansel. He was tall & handsome, Gretels' brother. I looked at him & smiled.

He smiled back. "So, is your Granny nice?" he asked, holding my hand.
"Very" I grinned, moving closer. "She'll just love you"

I looked around the woods, my grin fading abit. I knew he was there some where. Those glowing green eyes & silver fur. He was there, always there. Hansel gripped my hand harder & I looked at him.

"What's wrong?" he whispered.
"Oh" I said, laughing. "I was just thinking of something that happened long ago."

We walked for about 3 minutes more before Grannys house came into veiw. A small, white cottage with round windows & ivy growing up the walls. I loved this house & the woods, but my 10 year old memory was much unloved. Hansel knocked on the door & the door swung open. I peered in & approached the bed. No wolf, just my granny.

"How is my grandchild?" she croaked, smiling. "And who is this?"
"This is Hansel" I smiled back. "Hansel, this is Granny"
"How do you do?" he grinned, shaking her hand.
"Oh, I'm fine now" she replied, croakily.

We chatted for a while & I made tea & arranged her medicine. Hansel escorted her to the table & we sat down for tea & biscuits. I'd never felt so relaxed before. I glanced at Granny & Hansel: both chattering about the woods & about how good I can make tea. I smiled, getting up, & walked over to the window.
What I saw made me drop my cup & bolt for the open door! He was here...And he wanted REVENGE

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