Kindly Hold Me

I'm going to do as many short or long poems as I can! Thanks for reading them!

Chapter 3

Step Up and Say It

Step up and say it,
don't hold it in.
It's the passage of freedom
and a gift to give.
It's name is so sacred,
its thought makes you tremble,
so step up and say it,
don't keep it back.

How do we trill it
without fear or anguish?
How do we speak up
and send out the meaning?
I falter and skip
over what is important,
but that doesn't stop truth
from seeing where light is.
Illuminate right
and erase all the wrong,
it's now that time
step up and say it,
don't hold it in.

Its glory is hidden
when you miss the exit,
and your message is what
we all need to hear.
You've been still on the inside
but quaked in the truth,
so step up and say it,
don't hold it in.

You've backed down and left,
you've added your shame,
so step up and scream it,
burst into flames.
Its the meaning we need,
the message I've thought,
but a simple phrase still isn't our heart.

So write out your want
like the clouds in the sky,
and twirl past the darkness and into the light.
You've still been hiding,
you're still just a ghost,
but standing around is a disgusting, hard loss.
I'll hold you hand
if you hold mine,
and I'll gather strength
if you tell me no lies.
I'll help you swim
through troubles and loss,
but only if you shoot from the painful cuffs.

The darkness hasn't closed,
the light is still there.
Find it when it's present
and come take my hand.

No, I swear I won't leave.
Yes, I swear I won't go.
And no, we will be clenched in its glory
and we will show up fame.
Please don't turn your eyes,
just peel back my wall,
or at least tell me why
your heart is so loud.

You've been begging for change,
you've been for time,
you've been wanting a slip past what is right.
I've been your star,
the light of the North.
My arms are open,
so enter my heart
and tell me what to do.

We're in this together,
we've been in the spot.
And next time it's there,
give it a shot.

Step up and say it,
don't hold it in.
We'll step up, we'll say it,
and we won't hold it in.

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