Kindly Hold Me

I'm going to do as many short or long poems as I can! Thanks for reading them!

Chapter 2

So She Carried On

With beautiful lace so elegantly threaded
And the simple outline of an invisible stitch
We turned the maiden into more
With the careful glimmer of the diamond
A sparkle to neuter
To assemble
A breeze
A floating whisper
It will not fight the look
But it will on the cloth
That bent
And twirled
And outlined with invisible stitch
We whispered
To float
And a solo crinkle rushed us on
We slowed to cease
To admire
The sparkle agog in our eyes
And stir
With less image and more gaze
We judged not by skin and birth
But by our work
Our grace
And held her true
Not to rid her
But to love
So to care
And to caress
We spun the fruit
We spun the sparkle
And whispered
So she carried on
Less and more
Became the same
With elegant wings
Of lace and invisible stitch
The diamond so to sparkle
And a floating whisper
We held in our regret
And sighed with love
So we turned the maiden into her

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